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#1 — The Spiders Can’t Have Tasers (Minority Report)

Minority Report spiders podcast

Real bone fide lawyers Meredith, Sarah and Charlie discuss Minority Report, Steven Spielberg and Tom Cruise’s 2002 assault on the very concept of the 4th Amendment. We pose questions such as: If creepy eye-scanning spiders can come into your home, can they tase you if you don’t comply? What would Antonin Scalia think of mutant humans who can see the future? If prisoners are submerged in a lifetime of dreamless sleep, how do they exercise their habeas rights? Is the best way to avoid jurisdictional issues just to deputize the DC Metro police to arrest murderers? Hear all this and more on our very first episode!

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Join Ad Absurdum next month on January 3rd as they discuss how it may be problematic for a network to own a baby in The Truman Show.


Artwork by Meredith Rose

Opening music by Adam Lord

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  1. Jack

    Enjoyed this and subscribed. However, the argument that there is a reasonable expectation of privacy in your retina simply doesn’t work. Retina = fingerprint. And, based on my memory of Crim law from 2006, there is no reasonable expectation of privacy in a fingerprint. A small part of me died inside when nobody raised this point.

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