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#4 — I Have a Bat Feeling About This (The Dark Knight/Rises)

The Dark Knight Rises podcast review
In this episode, Meredith, Sarah, and special guest Pranks Paul discuss Batman, with a focus on the recent Christopher Nolan movies. Is The Dark Knight an agent of the state? How the hell does Lucius Fox get his hands on fighter jets and refined uranium? Is federal regulation the secret to destroying Bane? Find out all this and more in this month’s Ad Absurdum!

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Join Ad Absurdum next month on AprilĀ 3rd as they copyrighting your DNA in Gattaca.


Artwork by Meredith Rose

Opening music by Adam Lord


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  1. Sandra L

    I would love to hear about the Phantom of the Opera. It’s a movie on Netflix now. In it, the owners of the Opera House decide to go on with the show even after they receive VERY credible threats to the cast and audience, and continue the show even when someone gets killed in the first act. Assuming that this happened in modern America, not 19th century Paris, just how much trouble could they be in?

    And the previous owner didn’t inform the new owners until after the sale that there is a maniac in the building that he pays off every month to prevent attacks. Does this make him culpable?

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