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#5 — Monk is the Gene Genie (Gattaca)

Gattaca podcast review

This month, Meredith, Sarah, and special guest privacy lawyer Carolina discuss Gattaca, everyone’s favorite movie about genetic discrimination! Join us as we explain how GINA is not just the name of a pretty lady, how much Ron Paul friggin’ loves this movie, ways Trump could do more to mess up American Immigration, and the general fact that neither lawyers nor ethicists have any idea what the heck we’re really talking about when we start looking too closely at people’s DNA. ​


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Join Ad Absurdum next month on May 3rd as they will like to play a War Game.


Artwork by Meredith Rose

Opening music by Adam Lord


  1. Christopher Elderkin

    This was a great episode! I thought y’all might find this article interesting:


  2. Christopher Elderkin

    This article may also be of interest, if you haven’t seen it already.


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