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#6 — Tic Tac D’Oh – I Blew Up the Planet (War Games)

War Games podcast review
Apologies for our 1-month hiatus: we’re back! This month, Meredith and Sarah talk the 1983 nerd MASTERPIECE War Games. We think the trailer to this movie might be the sum total of what Donald Trump knows about cyber security, so we talk about how scary that is and how to stop him from blowing up the earth. We also talk about the process by which America plays the game of thermonuclear war, and calculate exactly how many months of federal prison time Matthew Broderick’s character owes Uncle Sam.

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Join Ad Absurdum next month on July 3rd as they will take a trip to Westworld.


Artwork by Meredith Rose

Opening music by Adam Lord


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  1. Rattatatosk

    Hey guys! I just found this podcast (linked over from, I think, the Pokemon episodes of Adventure?) and I love it. I marathoned all the episodes over the last few days at work, and now I’m watching Westworld so I can fully enjoy the next episode too. 😀

    Your mention of the “fruit of the poison tree” concept made me think of Daredevil, and I’d love to see your take on him (mostly the Netflix series, but I’m sure his other versions have similar problems). I enjoyed the show, but thinking back over it, I have a lot of questions, like, what do Nelson and Murdock even specialize in? Shouldn’t the FBI or something have been investigating Fisk? And of course, exactly *how* screwed is Matt Murdock (and Foggy and Karen) when he eventually gets arrested as Daredevil? I’d love to see your takes on all this, or any other bits of the MCU. The SHIELD/Captain America movies probably have some interesting issues too.

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