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#7 — Murder Law for Murder Bots! (Westworld)

Westworld podcast review

This month, we review Westworld, a show that offers up really important questions like…Are robots capable of the mens rea for murder? Can Dr. Ford use the technicalities of software end user license agreements to avoid all liability for his murder bots? What can selfie monkey teach us about whether Dolores can claim copyright for those pretty paintings she makes? Can Sarah and Meredith geek out about AI capabilities so much that half this episode is weird tangents? Find out on this month’s Ad Absurdum!

Also, sorry to everyone for the delay in posting! Unfortunately, the increased violence in Chicago has made my criminal defense job pretty stressful this summer, and I’ve been low on editing time. We will do our best to return to one episode a month this fall.

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Join Ad Absurdum next month on October 3rd as they will dream about Inception.


Artwork by Meredith Rose

Opening music by Adam Lord


  1. Melissa Cruz

    If you two actually visit the Westworld website


    There is actually a link to the DELOS Terms of Service! And you have to “agree” in order to start the process… so presumably, this is what an interested guest would encounter!

  2. Melissa Cruz


    This podcast I’ve linked above also explores involuntary actions and culpability in relation to brain surgery. I think that as we develop laws and language to deal with crimes resultant from PTSD episodes, we’ll have a better language with which to speak about AI/cyborg crime. It’s an issue of who, or what, is in control.

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