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Episode #81 — Black Narcissus / Live at Leeds / Ramp / Sunny Afternoon / Milly-Molly-Mandy Stories / The Tomorrow People

Black Narcissus podcast review

The Immortals have spent their first week flying through space and tensions are already high. As they should be! They’re discussing a movie that’s filled with important modern discussions and Pedro seems to have accidentally booby-rigged the ship. But listen to their discussion of the gorgeous looking Black Narcissus, the lively Live at Leeds, the sloped ramp, the downcast Sunny Afternoon, the practical Milly-Molly-Mandy, and the dated Tomorrow People. Enjoy!

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Jodie Foster Wrap-Up

Jodie Foster podcast

There haven’t been a lot of actors covered in Let’s Take Five but after these five weeks, Jodie Foster is a reminder that the guys should do this more often. It’s not that these were the five best films in the world (they weren’t). Yet every time Jodie Foster brings a level of excellence that always surprised them. Listen as the guys look back at the films they watched, the films they didn’t watch and who is up next.

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Episode #60 — Contact

Contact podcast review

Listening and waiting is the game for Jodie Foster in Contact. If you too have been listening and waiting for this review, you shall wait no longer. The guys break down the Carl Sagan adaptation with an examination of its science vs. religion themes, projections of hope and surprise and a rant against the worst performance in any of the 60 films they’ve covered. Travel with us. Push the button.

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Episode #80 — The Birds / Bat Out Of Hell / Barramundi / Essiniya / A Christmas Carol / The Singing Detective

The Birds podcast review

When this show started 79 episodes prior it was obvious that it would eventually lead to the gang building their own spaceship. Before they can see if Pedro built something that resembles Austin’s memory of the trailer of The Astronaut Farmer, it’s time to review one of their strongest sets. It’s Leigh’s delicious bonus review, their first Hitchcock film, Meat Loaf’s opus, a fish we couldn’t find, a soothing song, an immortal classic, and a musical crazy noir medical character study. Get excited! Wait, why are so many birds perched outside?

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Episode #59 — Maverick

Maverick podcast review

If Eric gets to be nostalgic for Batman, Austin gets to be nostalgic for…Maverick? Yes, the guys devote a half hour devoted to the Richard Donner western comedy starring Mel Gibson and Jodie Foster. It’s a silly world where actors get a lot to play with, but Eric seems to suggest that there are also flaws in the movie. That may be true, but he’s not writing the paragraph. It’s definitely a great showcase for Jodie Foster to show her comedic timing.

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Episode #79 — Hannah and Her Sisters / Siamese Dream / Aceto Balsamico Tradizionale / Kool Thing / The Children of the New Forest / Big Love

Hannah and Her Sisters podcast review

One week until liftoff! As the Immortals plot to go to space for some reason, it’s time to focus on the pure and simple things that Earth has to offer, like the Woody Allen and polygamy. In this episode they review Hannah and Her Sisters, the Smashing Pumpkins, a nice dressing, Sonic Youth, an old book about kids doing stuff and HBO’s Big Love. Get excited!

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#6 — Tic Tac D’Oh – I Blew Up the Planet (War Games)

War Games podcast review
Apologies for our 1-month hiatus: we’re back! This month, Meredith and Sarah talk the 1983 nerd MASTERPIECE War Games. We think the trailer to this movie might be the sum total of what Donald Trump knows about cyber security, so we talk about how scary that is and how to stop him from blowing up the earth. We also talk about the process by which America plays the game of thermonuclear war, and calculate exactly how many months of federal prison time Matthew Broderick’s character owes Uncle Sam.

Episode #58 — The Silence of the Lambs

The Silence of the Lambs podcast review

Prepare a nice Chianti for we have a great show this week. Award winning mystery author, Dana Cameron, joins the guys to discuss one of the most beloved films of the genre. Jodie Foster won her second Oscar for playing Clarice Sterling in The Silence of the Lambs. She is the FBI cadet who is sent in to learn from the psychopath Hannibal Lecter to track down a killer. The three of them break down what makes Clarice such a remarkable protagonist, if every step of the story fits together and how the film embraced gender roles.

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Episode #78 — A Touch of Zen / Mask / Dried Abalone / Alternative Ulster / Comet in Moominland / All-American Girl

A Touch of Zen podcast review

The Immortals are back! After an unexpected week off, they’re back and they’re building a rocket. But let’s not get into the logic of that. We have beautiful kung fu films, post-punk, missing seafood, punk-punk, hippos in danger and Korean culture in more danger. Get excited! If you take enough notes, you can pretend you have seen these things at parties!

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Episode #57 — The Accused

The Accused podcast review

Films about rape remain some of the most traumatic stories in the medium. In 1988, The Accused got a lot of attention for Jodie Foster’s incredible performance and its approach to legally prosecute rapists. Austin and Eric discuss the impressive way that Foster formed her character, how the film remains very relevant and the ways it doesn’t. More than usual, you can take these two straight white guy’s perspective with a grain of salt, but we would love to continue the conversation.

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