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Episode #188 — Targets / No Sleep ‘Til Hammersmith / Teenage Kicks / Beavis and Butt-head

So you know what still happens during social distancing? Independent podcasts! Austin is catching up with his backlog of editing to bring you this episode where he joins Sarah and Pedro to discuss the unnerving thriller Targets by Peter Bogdanovich about a mass shooter. They also listen to Motorhead and The Undertones. Also Pedro explains to the other two what the hell Beavis and Butt-head even is. Enjoy!

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Episode #187 — Breaking Away / Paul’s Boutique / Cruiser’s Creek / America’s Next Top Model

YOU WANNA BE ON TOP? That’s what the boys in Breaking Away are asking themselves as they try and be the best cyclists and the best Hoosiers. Beastie Boys and The Fall also would like to be on top. But only one person can be on top. That person is Tyra Banks. And she has a show where for 24 seasons/cycles she holds a contest for who can be on top. And she always wins!

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Episode #186 — Gangs of New York / Sea Change / Float On / Hannibal

Whoa, we’re back! Here’s a long episode that was definitely not recorded back in December. Ignore these old references as we get back on a regular schedule. Anywho, we talked about Gangs of New York! Can you imagine a Martin Scorsese movie that’s over three hours, being nominated for a ton of Oscars and winning none of them? They also listen to a beloved Beck album and a classic Modest Mouse song. Also, the Immortals finally did it. They spent an hour just talking about Hannibal. 

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Bonus — January 2020

Everyone’s favorite episode in a serialized drama is when they stop the story and just fill in plot holes. Good, here’s a bonus episode where everyone gives henge ratings to stuff they’ve missed. Thankfully, nobody hints at when this was recorded by commenting in real time a major event in American history. They also talk about Ghost Rider. 

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Episode #185 — The Young Girls of Rochefort / Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables / 2point4 Children

Happy 2020! Here’s an episode we recorded last month where we had unrealistic expectations on how much Austin could edit while he was traveling! Austin, Sarah and J.C. go into the magical world of Jacques Demy’s Rochefort. They fall in love with this French musical and then listen to a band called…I have my notes here…the “Dead Kennedys.” Hmmm. 

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Best Episodes of 2019

Nine years! Nine years, I’ve asked friends of mine from all different times in my life to write me a short article about an episode of TV they loved this year. On a personal level, it’s fun because I get to see people I care about write excellent pieces. On another level, it’s a wonderful glimpse in the year in television. None of us are professional TV critics; we’re just people who are excited about the episodic medium. These are the episodes that made us cry, made us laugh, helped us figure out our own anxieties and truly wowed us.

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Episode #183 — Frenzy / Water from an Ancient Well / I Got You / Dawson’s Creek

WE DON’T WANNA WAIT FOR THE POD TO BE OVER TO TALK ABOUT THIS SHOW AND ITS CREEK! But before we can get to that, The Immortals look into the river and find a naked dead woman in Alfred Hitchcock’s Frenzy. They listen to some “so smooth” jazz by South African artist Abdullah Ibrahim. They listen to Split Enz and think about New Zealand’s song ranking. Then we get into all of the feelings about Dawson’s Creek.

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Episode #181 — The Thin Blue Line / The Holy Bible / Deep Cover / The Big Bang Theory

The Immortals are solving all of the world’s issues with this episode! They begin talking about real world biases in data in Sarah and J.C.’s real work. Then they fix the legal system alongside Errol Morris’ The Thin Blue Line. They fix 90s music while listening to The Holy Bible. They learn the plot of the Dr. Dre’s song Deep Cover. Then they fix all the sexism in The Big Bang Theory. And it’s a shorter episode than last week!

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