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#11 — Vote Dave 2020! (Dave)

Take a break from the news to go back to the joyful days of the 90s when a constitutional crisis was a delightful comedy concept. Kevin Kline starred in an Ivan Reitman movie about an impersonator to the President ends up secretly being the President for a few months.

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Episode #122 — Rear Window

Let’s Take Five’s Final Ten

The guys return to one of their former subjects as they look into the Alfred Hitchcock masterpiece. Instead of being a creepy dude in Vertigo, Jimmy Stewart plays a creepy dude in Rear Window. After an accident, Stewart is locked up in his apartment with a broken leg and nothing to do all day but spy on his neighbors and watch their lives. The guys dive into what makes this such an effective thriller and how Hitchcock once again succeeds by not showing the gruesome bits. Also Eric breaks down the worst shot in the movie!

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Episode #144 — The Adventures of Robin Hood / The Songs of Leonard Cohen / Save the Last Dance For Me / Dark Shadows

Hahahahaha! It’s Robin Hood! Focus not on the crimes of Errol Flynn, but his natural charisma in The Adventures of Robin Hood. Ha ha! The Immortals (sans J.C.) dive back into the work of Leonard Cohen and are moderately creeped out by Dark Shadows. But it’s during the song segment where everything changes forever. Find out why The Immortals had to stop recording and freak out. 

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Episode #121 — Casablanca

As the guys start their journey into the final 10 films of the podcast, they watch perhaps the most beloved pice of Old Hollywood. Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman are at the heart of a romance that has global consequences in Casablanca. The guys are in awe of how many quotable lines are in this, the way WWII is drawn while they are in the middle of the war, and a love triangle that is properly messy.

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Episode #143 — The Double Life of Veronique / First Band on the Moon / Dear Mama / The Vampire Diaries

Who’s that over there? Is that Veronique? Or Weronika? There lies the complexity of the film The Double Life of Veronique. The Immortals dive into the films beauty and confusion while leaving plenty of time to continue that artistic relaxation to The Cardigans. Then it’s time to get more emotional with 2Pac’s tribute to his mother. Then it’s time to get way less emotional with a deep dive into the first season of CW’s The Vampire Diaries. Get excited!

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Pedro Almodovar Wrap-Up

Pedro, we hardly knew you! After five films, the guys wrapped-up their look at the work of Pedro Almodovar. They look back at the legacy around the artist and their own rankings of his films. They also make a big announcement on what is next for the podcast. Get excited!

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Episode #120 — The Skin I Live In

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Episode #142 — Rocky / Introducing the Hardline According to Terence Trent D’Arcy / The Trooper / Scrubs

IN THIS CORNER WE HAVE THE ITALIAN STALLION! IN THIS CORNER WE HAVE FOUR PODCASTERS WHO HAVE TO SHARE THE SAME SPACE. GO! For some, this was returning to warmly spare with Rocky and for some this was their first time duking up. Find out if the film goes the distance with The Immortals. Also they listen to the mysterious Terence Trent D’Arcy and the not at all mysterious Iron Maiden. Also after they got the shit beat out of them, they all checked into Sacred Heart to see the doctors of Scrubs. Get excited!

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Episode #141 — Nashville / Locust Abortion Technician / Let’s Dance / Gilmore Girls

In 1001 episodes, it’s probably likely there will eventually be a musical episode of The Immortals. Not quite there yet, but we’re close with reviews of Nashville, Butthole Surfers and David Bowie. It’s a wide range of seeing the world through the illusion of the American dream, through the celebration of dance and through the Butthole Surfers. They also dive into the beloved show Gilmore Girls! Which has 100% less Butthole Surfers. 

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Episode #140 — Under the Skin / Two Dancers / The Fear / The Crimson Field

The Immortals have entered a new year! It’s 2019 no matter what the co-hosts claim it is when they recorded this one. They’re here to kick things off right which means spending a lot of time on a movie where Scarlett Johansson is a killer alien. They also listen to some smooth sounding music from Wild Beasts and Lily Allen. Austin watched six hours of The Crimson Field for a five minute segment. But most importantly, this was J.C.’s pick for a bonus review — the Netflix food documentary Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat. Get hungry!

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