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Episode #137 — Splendor in the Grass / Rocks / Rocky Mountain High / Anzacs

It’s been over 100 episodes since The Immortals watched a film where Natalie Wood plays a damned teenager so they’re past due! They watch Splendor in the Grass and then return to Pedro’s childhood by listening to Aerosmith. They also figure out exactly where the Rocky Mountains are as they almost focus on John Denver and then Austin complains about how long Anzacs was. IT’S GOOD STUFF AND YOU SHOULD LISTEN TO ALL OF IT.

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Let’s Take Hiatus

Quick note about taking a quick break. See you in 2019 and thank you all for listening!

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Episode #136 — Audition / La Revancha del Tango / Strict Machine / Duck Dynasty

Recently The Immortals talked about nice things like The Wizard of Oz. This is not like that. If you have not seen Audition, this is your last warning before we get into some of the really insane things that happen in this movie. Then they calm down with some Gotan Project and Goldfrapp before going right back into the visual torture that is Duck Dynasty. Get excited!

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Episode #119 — Volver

For reasons unknown, Volver is the most popular film in America for Pedro Almodovar. All of them were Oscar darlings, but this brightly colored family drama was the one that got the biggest audience. Eric and Austin try to understand why as they look into the complicated story that involves secrets, a dead body and a ghost. As always, the podcast does contain spoilers and the guys will spoil everything as they recontextualize the film from the information revealed at the end. It’s almost like they….return to the beginning. (Volver means to return.)

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Episode #135 — The Exterminating Angel / Pacific Ocean Blue / Cum on Feel the Noize / It’s Garry Shandling’s Show

Sometimes Thanksgiving dinner can feel like you’re trapped in a room, unable to escape. But at least there is turkey. With The Exterminating Angel, the upper class are physically (mentally?) unable to leave a home and quickly start going mad. They could have calmed down by listening to some Dennis Wilson but they didn’t. They could have felt motivated by listening to Slade BUT THEY DIDN’T. And if they wanted to feel even weirder about their circumstances they could have watched It’s Garry Shandling’s Show. They had so many opportunities (including cannibalism) but they just decided to complain. Sigh.

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Episode #118 — Talk to Her

Two men talk about their woes on and off screen. In Talk to Her, it is about two men trying to understand their loneliness as they worry about two men in a coma. In Let’s Take Five, two men worry about what these characters do in Talk to Her. Austin and Eric dive into Pedro Almodovar’s Oscar winning film as they discuss the complexity of personal sacrifice, violation of women and the weirdest scene Almodovar has ever made….so far.

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Episode #134 — The Wizard of Oz / Caetano Veloso / I Fall to Pieces / The Prisoner

Sorry, we’re late but we were blown away from Kansas and this guy with a balloon took forever to offer us a ride. In a weird coincidence, we all reviewed The Wizard of Oz! We also listened to the Brazilian legend Caetano Veloso, we appreciated the return of Patsy Cline and then we told everyone around us that WE ARE NOT A NUMBER.

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Episode #117 — All About My Mother

The guys return to the world of Pedro Almodovar for a different type of story. While last week was a fun farce, All About My Mother looks at a group of women all facing a personal tragedy. They have to come to grips with the death of a child and loved ones facing terminal illnesses. While it’s more somber material, this film highlights Almodovar’s warmest elements as he praises the roles of female friendships and the power of melodrama.

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Episode #133 — Los Olvidados / Histoire de Melody Nelson / I’d Rather Go Blind / Saturday Night Live

TAPED FROM CHICAGO IT’S THE IMMORTALS! We start the show from the poverty of Mexico City with Luis Bunuel’s Los Olvidados, move on to the grosses realms of France with Serge Gainsbourg, return to America with Etta James (and briefly Beyonce) only to end the long journey at 30 Rock with the still running Saturday Night Live. Settle in, it’s a doozy of an episode!

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Episode #116 — Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown

Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown podcast review

Viva Pedro! The guys are starting their next five by jumping into the feminine and sometimes farcical world of Pedro Almodovar. Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown was his international breakout film. It is the story of a woman seeking revenge towards her ex-boyfriend and teaming up with various women who have also been scorned. So early in his career, this movie is filled with his sense of humor, use of color and complicated female characters.

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