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Episode #129 — The Royal Tenenbaums

“All my life I wanted to review The Royal Tenenbaums.”
“Me too.”

Eric and Austin break down one of Eric’s favorite films–and favorite films to quote. It is the story of a father who abandoned his family and left them all emotionally stunted geniuses. The guys break down how this film features some of the best performances by its cast (included Gene Hackman), the particular qualities of the set design and its use of music. 

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Episode #153 — Aparajito / 54-46 Was My Number / The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

Sarah is off traveling for work so it’s up to Austin, J.C. and Pedro to return to the Apu Trilogy with Aparajito. How does it hold up to the high standards of the first entry? They also prepare for this 4/20 weekend episode by getting into the reggae music of Toots and the Maytals and watch the silly BBC miniseries, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

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Episode #152 — Meet Me in St. Louis / Live/Dead / Sinnerman / All in the Family

Where you gonna run to? ST. LOUIS! In this episode of The Immortals, the gang looks at the best city in the world in the beloved musical Meet Me in St. Louis. They listen to the Grateful Dead’s live album and Nina Simone’s masterpiece think about all the times they played in Missouri. One can only assume that All in the Family is as good as it is because Norman Lear wrote all of his scripts while on a picnic under the grand St. Louis arch.

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Not Cool Commentary

Here is Part Two of The Immortals commentaries about the films from The Chair. Austin, Sarah, Pedro, Daron and Adam are back minutes after their Hollidaysburg commentary to watch the companion film. What will happen during a movie that Austin described as, possibly the worst film he’s ever seen? Not as fun as you think, but moments that are worthy of discussions! 

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Hollidaysburg Commentary

The Immortals are gathered to take part in their first ever commentary track. They are going to talk about the two films that were created from the reality/competition show The Chair, which was reviewed in Episode 150. They don’t have J.C., but they do have the former Immortal, Adam! Also Pedro’s often-mentioned girlfriend, Daron! Find out what they think of this first-time indie film and how it lives up to expectations created by The Chair.

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Episode #128 — The Last Temptation of Christ

As we get closer to Easter, the guys look back at one of the great films by Martin Scorsese and his most controversial. The Last Temptation of Christ tells the story of the last days of Jesus as he embraces his destiny to die on the cross while dealing with the mortal fears and doubts. The guys talk about the powerful titular temptation, Willem Dafoe’s humanistic portrayal of a god and how Scorsese’s background inspires the types of stories he wants to tell. 

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Episode #151 — Patton / Rip It Up / Beat the Clock / Knowing Me, Knowing You

Aha! The Immortals are back and ready to go to war as we learn how many of them will follow Patton to the ends of the Earth. They also get annoyed by their song picks this week from Orange Juice and Sparks, which–fun fact–are the names of bands! They also break down the Alan Partridge classic sitcom Knowing Me Knowing You. But first they get all of their Game of Thrones predictions out of the way. You’ll find out who Sarah is in love with! Here’s a hint, it’s not Austin!

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Episode #150 — Fast Times at Ridgemont High / AmeriKKKa’s Most Wanted / Pump Up the Volume / House / The Chair

150 EPISODES!!!! It’s a landmark and also so hysterically far from the premise goal. But forget about that, because the Immortals dive into the brilliant teenage comedy Fast Times at Ridgemont High. They talk about Ice Cube’s perspective on race in the 90s. They talk about how EDM music is….EDM music. Then they dive deep into the FOX drama House and how it holds up. BUT THEN….Austin got his friends to watch this insane Starz drama that history is actively choosing to forget: The Chair. We go long but only because we have to cover every social issue affecting America today. And The Chair. Thank you all for listening to this madness!

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Episode #127 — Die Hard

This publicity photo released by Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment shows Bruce Willis in a scene from the 1988 film, “Die Hard.” The “Die Hard” 25th Anniversary Collection Blu-ray released on Jan. 25, 2013. (AP Photo/Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment)

Since the guys never did a Christmas Movies Five, they had to use these final episodes to dive into the holiday classic, Die Hard. They are joined by a big action movie fan, Adam Lord! They dive into what makes this movie move so quickly, the durability of its hero and why Ellis may be a secret MVP. 

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Episode #149 — Pather Panchali / Paris 1919 / Sister Morphine / The Sandbaggers

The Apu Trilogy is one of the most beloved films in cinema history and The Immortals get the chance to start it with the poverty coming-of-age film, Pather Panchali. Then they get their taste of European history with an album by John Cale. They dive into what it means to be a drug song with Sister Morphine by Marianne Faithfull–not The Rolling Stones. Then Austin is too enthusiastic about a spy drama called The Sandbaggers. MOSTE POPULAR ENTRIES EVER!!!!

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