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Episode #165 — Scorpio Rising / Live and Dangerous / Marcus Garvey / Red Dwarf

They’re back! After a week off, The Immortals had plenty of time to watch a 28 minute Kenneth Anger short film. They eventually get to that after breaking down the Emmy nominations. Then they can get to Thin Lizzy’s legacy, Burning Spear’s cultural context and the sci-fi silliness of Red Dwarf. Get excited!

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Episode #164 — Black Orpheus / The Hissing of Summer Lawns / The Click Song / Won’t Get Fooled Again / Taggart

Chicago is a city known for being cold majority of the year. But when it stops, it’s SO HOT. So The Immortals have weird energy in this July episode as they discuss the Oscar winning Black Orpheus, a Joni Mitchell album, a Who classic and–the reason for the season–Taggart! Get excited! And some water!

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Episode #163 — Once Upon a Time in America / Bandwagonesque / Pop the Glock / A Little Respect / Prison Break

Pedro is back and he joined The Immortals to watch the four hour Sergio Leone epic, Once Upon a Time in America. They also listen back to an Uffie song, question the universal acclaim of Teenage Fandom, bask in the fake-nostalgia of Erasure and then Austin bitches about Prison Break for awhile. 

Content Warning: The movie segment contains discussions of sexual assault. 

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#12 — Bucky Deserved Better (Captain America trilogy)

Happy Fourth of July! Your pop culture legal team are back to look into the films of Steve Rogers aka Captain America. His role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is usually as the moral center but how does he fair as a law-abiding citizen? Sarah and Meredith dive into how much medical information Cap should have received before taking the super soldier serum; if Bucky Barnes’ brainwashing works towards an insanity defense; and the necessary types of superhero classification that would be needed for the Sokovia Accords. Also is one of our hosts a secret mutant?!?

They are joined by attorney Mike Godwin, who works at the R Street Institute and is famous for “Godwin’s Law” which states: “As an online discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Nazis or Hitler approaches 1.”

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Episode #162 — Bringing Up Baby / Lady Soul / The Monkees

Buckle up because Katherine Hepburn is loose on the world. Sarah, J.C. and Austin dive into the classic screwball comedy Bringing Up Baby. Is it inspiring or exhausting? They also listen to an incredible Aretha Franklin album and a weirder than you would expect sitcom. Enjoy!

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Episode #161 — An American Werewolf in London / World Clique / Kiss / Entourage

ARRRROOOOOOOO! AMERICANS IN LONDON! This is a silly one folks. Austin and Pedro are sick and they want a short episode so of course we dive really deep into werewolf storytelling, Deee-lite club music, the sexuality of Prince and why Entourage may not be the best show ever made. Get excited!

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Episode #160 — Blue Velvet / The Mummy / Wild Wood / Dub Be Good to Me / Waterloo Road

AHHHHHHHHH! That’s The Immortals quoting their favorite actor, Brendan Fraser, in the classic(?) film The Mummy, Sarah’s bonus pick for this episode. They also review their previously scheduled picks of Blue Velvet, a Paul Weller album, a song by Beats International and a hit British sorta-soap. Get excited for a lot of Mummy talk!

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Episode #159 — Avatar / Lupe Fiasco’s Food & Liquor / Orphan Black

Welcome back to Pandora! That planet you forgot you went to in 2009. The Immortals–sans Pedro–revist the James Cameron uber-blockbuster Avatar. Sarah also is very excited to finally listen to Lupe Fiasco and the group talks about the strange achievement that is Orphan Black. Also we finally learn what is Sarah’s bonus pick for next week! Get excited!

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Episode #158 — Star Wars / Blood on the Tracks / Idlewild / Immigres

STAR WARS! You know what it is! We know what it is! It’s very famous! The Immortals are going to talk about it! They also go back to last week’s album to cover a Bob Dylan masterpiece. Then they listen to Everybody But the Girl and Youssou N’Dour. But it’s a lot of time devoted to Star Wars, Game of Thrones and Detective Pikachu because obviously.

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Episode #157 — The World of Apu / Superstar / Widows

The Immortals have reached the end of The Apu Trilogy with the film The World of Apu. They look back the classic Satyajit Ray films and how the films really work best as a whole. They also dive into the The Carpenters’ and the miniseries Widows. They’ll listen to Bob Dylan’s album next week. Also enjoy the surprise Keanu Reeves cameo! You can’t guess where it’ll be!

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