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Episode #126 — Amadeus

Podcasts are like notes, you can never have too many of them. That’s what Eric and Austin learn as they rewatch one of their favorite epics, Amadeus. They dive into what makes the rivalry matter so much between these classic composers, how the movie differs from the theatrical version and how the director was able to make this a movie for everyone, not just classical music experts.

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BONUS! The Adventures of Robin Hood / Zombie / Point Blank

Most of the Immortals are traveling during this recording time so they decided to do a bonus episode to catch up on reviews people have missed. J.C. talks about the colors of The Adventures of Robin Hood! They all listen to the politics (and Broadway career) of Fela Kuti. Then Pedro also questions Walker in Point Blank! Take a listen! They’ll be back next week with a full episode. 

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Episode #148 — The American Friend / Green / I Feel For You / Footballers’ Wives

If all The Immortals were in Europe, how long would it take before most of them would try to manipulate Pedro to commit crimes for them? That’s the dilemma in the middle of the Wim Wenders’ film The American Friend! It’s a Ripley novel adaptation from Patricia Highsmith starring Dennis Hopper and Bruno Ganz. After they finish their assassinations, they listen to R.E.M. and Chaka Khan and then Austin barely proves that Footballers’ Wives exists. Also plenty of Oscar reactions a week late! Get excited!

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Episode #125 — The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

With a premise like this and a title like that, there’s no way the two guys could cover this movie by themselves. So they are joined by Eric’s brother Ray Martindale (The Good). Ray brings his editing background to talk about what Sergio Leone was able to accomplish in tension and tone. Eric (The Bad) dives into why these characters are so iconic and why the finished product is one of the best westerns on film. And Austin (The Ugly) says some bullshit about how maybe Angel Eyes is like Don Draper. Enjoy!

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Episode #124 — The Seventh Seal

It should be no surprise that the podcast is ending. Death has been our companion for sometime. In the Ingmar Bergman classic The Seventh Seal, Death appears in front of a knight from the Crusade, ready to take him to whatever is next. Instead the knight challenges Death to a game of chess and during that time they both see who is living through the plague. The guys discuss the power and beauty of this film and why it resonates with them so much.

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Episode #147 — Point Blank / Songs The Lord Taught Us / Prime Suspect

Pedro is gone this week which it’s fair to assume he took Walker’s money in Point Blank! While he’s gone they discuss that crime classic while also listening to The Cramps. Then they do a deep dive into the British crime series, Prime Suspect, starring Helen Mirren. (The talk is almost entirely about the first season, but nobody spoils the ending.) Get excited!

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Episode #146 — The General / Jazz Samba / Good Rockin’ Tonight / Emergency Ward 10

EVERYBODY SHUT UP. It’s time for J.C. to see their first silent movie. And what a one to start with — the Buster Keaton classic comedy, The General. The Immortals are amazed by Keaton’s stunts and confused by the fact he’s a Confederate soldier. They also enjoy the jazz music of Stan Getz and Charlie Parker–I MEAN Charlie Byrd. They also fall into the rhythms of Roy Brown and British hospital soap operas. Get excited!

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Episode #123 — 12 Angry Men

12 men enter a small room to decide the fate of a man on trial. For Let’s Take Five, two men walk into a decently sized apartment in Chicago to decide the fate of the fate of a man on trial. The guys dive into the Sidney Lumet masterpiece in how it treats mob mentality, personal prejudice and the ideal justice system. Get excited!

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Episode #145 — A Nightmare on Elm Street / Haut de Gamme – Koweit, Rive Gauche / Me, Myself & I / Archangel

One, two, Pedro’s coming for you. Find out if The Immortals are more scared by A Nightmare on Elm Street or Pedro’s enthusiasm for it. They also listen to the Congolese music of Koffi Olomide and the very 90s music of De La Soul. Then they get into the international spy story starring Daniel Craig….that is no where close to as good as any James Bond movie. Also J.C. is sick and that amuses us.

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#11 — Vote Dave 2020! (Dave)

Take a break from the news to go back to the joyful days of the 90s when a constitutional crisis was a delightful comedy concept. Kevin Kline starred in an Ivan Reitman movie about an impersonator to the President ends up secretly being the President for a few months.

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