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Episode #156 — The Piano / In It For the Money / Between the Bars / The Great British Bake-Off

Play us a song, we’re the Piano cast! (I hate myself for even writing that but clearly I’m not going to delete it.) Anywho, The Immortals are reviewing the 1993 Jane Campion classic, The Piano. They also dive into the sounds of Supergrass and Elliott Smith. Then they go into the tent for one of the loveliest reality shows ever made, The Great British Bake-Off. Get excited!

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Let’s Take Five Finale

In which Austin and Eric end the podcast…

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Episode #130 — There Will Be Blood

Grab your milkshakes before they’re gone, it’s the final movie review of Let’s Take Five. The guys dive into the Paul Thomas Anderson Oscar winning film, There Will Be Blood. They look into the complexity of the character of Daniel Plainview, the themes of duplicity and the films long-lasting impact on pop culture. Get excited!

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Episode #155 — Stalker / All Hail the Queen / She Sells Sanctuary / The Lost Prince

The Immortals are back and they’re in the zone! They were guided by a Stalker to find The Room and find out if they can make sense of any of it. They also listen to Queen Latifah’s breakthrough album, The Cure’s catchy single and a miniseries so boring the segment is less than four minutes long. Enjoy!

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Episode #154 — Glengarry Glen Ross / Sheer Heart Attack / Supa Dupa Fly / Professional Widow / The Pillars of the Earth

WE NEED THOSE LEADS! Podcast leads that is! Ah! Get it?! The Immortals are reviewing Glengarry Glen Ross and it’s all about getting the leads. It’s a thing, watch the movie, they spend most of the episode talking about it. They also listen to albums by Queen and Missy Elliott and a song by Tori Amos. Then Austin watches a miniseries based off a beloved book and his friends tell him to stop watching Gotham. Some friends they are! THEY PROBABLY DON’T EVEN HAVE THE GOOD LEADS.

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Episode #129 — The Royal Tenenbaums

“All my life I wanted to review The Royal Tenenbaums.”
“Me too.”

Eric and Austin break down one of Eric’s favorite films–and favorite films to quote. It is the story of a father who abandoned his family and left them all emotionally stunted geniuses. The guys break down how this film features some of the best performances by its cast (included Gene Hackman), the particular qualities of the set design and its use of music. 

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Episode #153 — Aparajito / 54-46 Was My Number / The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

Sarah is off traveling for work so it’s up to Austin, J.C. and Pedro to return to the Apu Trilogy with Aparajito. How does it hold up to the high standards of the first entry? They also prepare for this 4/20 weekend episode by getting into the reggae music of Toots and the Maytals and watch the silly BBC miniseries, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

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Episode #152 — Meet Me in St. Louis / Live/Dead / Sinnerman / All in the Family

Where you gonna run to? ST. LOUIS! In this episode of The Immortals, the gang looks at the best city in the world in the beloved musical Meet Me in St. Louis. They listen to the Grateful Dead’s live album and Nina Simone’s masterpiece think about all the times they played in Missouri. One can only assume that All in the Family is as good as it is because Norman Lear wrote all of his scripts while on a picnic under the grand St. Louis arch.

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Not Cool Commentary

Here is Part Two of The Immortals commentaries about the films from The Chair. Austin, Sarah, Pedro, Daron and Adam are back minutes after their Hollidaysburg commentary to watch the companion film. What will happen during a movie that Austin described as, possibly the worst film he’s ever seen? Not as fun as you think, but moments that are worthy of discussions! 

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Hollidaysburg Commentary

The Immortals are gathered to take part in their first ever commentary track. They are going to talk about the two films that were created from the reality/competition show The Chair, which was reviewed in Episode 150. They don’t have J.C., but they do have the former Immortal, Adam! Also Pedro’s often-mentioned girlfriend, Daron! Find out what they think of this first-time indie film and how it lives up to expectations created by The Chair.

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