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Episode #72 — Andrei Rublev

Andre Rublev podcast review

No more easy episodes! Last week we had Ivan’s Childhood in which we definitively stated that Ivan had a childhood. With Andrei Rublev, it’s more complicated. The guys dig into exactly why this is a man whose life should be studied and whether or not Andrei Tarkovsky believes in what he is doing.  The guys couldn’t dig into this dense and brilliant biopic alone so they are thrilled to be joined by writer/filmmaker Ed Leer who gives us fantastic insight into this journey into an artist. Also Austin not so subtly transitions to get a story about working with Terence Malick.

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Episode #92 — Network / Bad / Serrano Ham / 99 Luftballoons / Bridge to Terabithia / Band of Brothers

Network podcast review

The Immortals have had good line-ups but this million dollar number has to be one of the best. There is the scary and timely satire of Network, Michael Jackson’s classic, ham ham and more ham, catchy scary German tune, wonderful and sad children’s book and one of the most beloved WWII stories ever filmed. Let’s hope they didn’t fuck it up!

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Episode #71 — Ivan’s Childhood

Ivan's Childhood podcast review

Austin and Eric started their journey to Russia with the first film in their Andrei Tarkovsky Five: Ivan’s Childhood. It’s the emotional story of a young boy who finds himself as a war spy after his family was killed. And yet it’s a beautiful film. Welcome to the cinematic contradiction of Tarkovksy.

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Episode #91 — Adam’s Rib / Shaft / Jerusalem Artichoke / I’m a Believer / Foxie / Land of the Lost

Adam's Rib podcast review

The Immortals are back and they’re ready to discuss gender! Sarah leads an unofficial episode of Ad Absurdum as they discuss the classic legal screwball comedy Adam’s Rib. Also Leigh wonders how the hell Shaft is on the album’s list, Pedro learns that love isn’t just true in fairy tales and Austin wonders what the hell is happening in Land of the Lost. Also Adam says good stuff!

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#7 — Murder Law for Murder Bots! (Westworld)

Westworld podcast review

This month, we review Westworld, a show that offers up really important questions like…Are robots capable of the mens rea for murder? Can Dr. Ford use the technicalities of software end user license agreements to avoid all liability for his murder bots? What can selfie monkey teach us about whether Dolores can claim copyright for those pretty paintings she makes? Can Sarah and Meredith geek out about AI capabilities so much that half this episode is weird tangents? Find out on this month’s Ad Absurdum!

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Episode #70 — A Prairie Home Companion

A Prairie Home Companion podcast review

Bad jokes, boy we love them. Robert Altman’s real life final movie was about the fictional final episode of A Prairie Home Companion and all of the people involved with the beloved Garrison Keillor radio show. Unlike the real show, this involved an angel and a real Guy Noir walking around, but somehow that made it feel even more grounded to the guys as they took comfort in the comforting sounds of county music and puns.

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Episode #90 — City Lights / Mr. Tambourine Man / Agbalumo / Shake Rattle and Roll / Mike Mulligan / The Flintstones

City Lights podcast review

It’s a long one! But The Immortals get stuff done! They resolve their weird Marion storyline and jump backwards to review last week’s beloved song. Also Pedro revisits nostalgia with his bonus pick, we revisit the world of The Tramp with City Lights, listen to the Byrds, rock out while regretting the loss of steam engines and the reexamine the modern stone age family. Whoo!!!!!!

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Episode #69 — Short Cuts

Short Cuts podcast review

For this episode about Short Cuts, Eric and Austin were tempted to create several different perspectives of the film that all interconnected and created a feeling of dread. Instead perhaps the only way it can be clear is if they took a step back from it all. Anywho! The guys review this Robert Altman film that he made almost two decades after Nashville where he adapted an entire collection of Raymond Carver stories with so many brilliant actors.

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Episode #89 — Return of the Jedi / Apocalypse 91…The Enemy Strikes Black / Vanilla Bean / Fast Car / The Bad Beginning / Robot Chicken

Return of the Jedi podcast review

While Pedro is outside the Immortals’ spaceship doing Pedro stuff, the foursome inside will talk about super popular things: Return of the Jedi, Public Enemy, Vanilla, not so much Tracy Chapman until next week, but definitely the Bad Beginning, and Robot Chicken! Listen, subscribe, and for the love of God please send a spaceship to help us if you are able.

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Episode #88 — Vinyl / Fear of Music / Smoked Snoek / Hotel California / The Adventures of Gian Burrasca / Twin Peaks

Vinyl podcast review

Tensions are high! Marian is off screen messing with Leigh in a way that she can’t join the rest of the group in a discussion of Andy Warhol’s weird adaptation of A Clockwork Orange in his film Vinyl. Also the gang discusses the Talking Heads, Hotel California and the enigma that is Twin Peaks. It’s a weird one! But not really. It’s just a normal review show with a bizarre use of bookends. You get it.

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