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Ad Absurdum

Ad Absurdum podcast

Every month Ad Absurdum has a group of real bona fide lawyers look into the fictional worlds of entertainment and try to access how the law works in those tales. It’s informative and silly, much like the law itself.
New episodes will come out on the 3rd day of every month in tribute to our most useless amendment.
If you have any questions for the lawyers or have topics you want them to cover, leave a comment.

#12 — Bucky Deserved Better (Captain America trilogy)

Happy Fourth of July! Your pop culture legal team are back to look into the films of Steve Rogers aka Captain America. His role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is usually as the moral center but how does he fair as a law-abiding citizen? Sarah and Meredith dive into how much medical information Cap should have received before taking the super soldier serum; if Bucky Barnes’ brainwashing works towards an insanity defense; and the necessary types of superhero classification that would be needed for the Sokovia Accords. Also is one of our hosts a secret mutant?!?

They are joined by attorney Mike Godwin, who works at the R Street Institute and is famous for “Godwin’s Law” which states: “As an online discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Nazis or Hitler approaches 1.”

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#10 — Spirit of Christmas, LLC (The Santa Clause)

It’s a Christmas miracle! A man fell off your roof and died! Also Ad Absurdum is BACK. Sarah and Meredith are joined by Calli, a privacy lawyer, to answer all the big questions about The Santa Clause. Is the fine print on the card similar to iTunes user agreements? Can you treat a belief of Santa like a religious allowance? Is the North Pole illegally spying on you during the year? How much of a bummer is it to deal with child custody issues in a silly Tim Allen movie? You’ll find out all of this and more!

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#9 — Escape from the Law (Escape from New York)

Escape from New York podcast review

If you were wondering where the Pop Culture Legal Team has been for the past few months, it’s because they were trapped on Manhattan but now….they ESCAPED. Join Sarah and Meredith as they discuss the legal possibilities of the John Carpenter film, Escape from New York. They talk about how the government would take control of an island, the reach of prison capabilities and how prisoners can legally be treated. Also they decide if Snake Plissken is a great name or the best name.

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#7 — Murder Law for Murder Bots! (Westworld)

Westworld podcast review

This month, we review Westworld, a show that offers up really important questions like…Are robots capable of the mens rea for murder? Can Dr. Ford use the technicalities of software end user license agreements to avoid all liability for his murder bots? What can selfie monkey teach us about whether Dolores can claim copyright for those pretty paintings she makes? Can Sarah and Meredith geek out about AI capabilities so much that half this episode is weird tangents? Find out on this month’s Ad Absurdum!

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#6 — Tic Tac D’Oh – I Blew Up the Planet (War Games)

War Games podcast review
Apologies for our 1-month hiatus: we’re back! This month, Meredith and Sarah talk the 1983 nerd MASTERPIECE War Games. We think the trailer to this movie might be the sum total of what Donald Trump knows about cyber security, so we talk about how scary that is and how to stop him from blowing up the earth. We also talk about the process by which America plays the game of thermonuclear war, and calculate exactly how many months of federal prison time Matthew Broderick’s character owes Uncle Sam.

#5 — Monk is the Gene Genie (Gattaca)

Gattaca podcast review

This month, Meredith, Sarah, and special guest privacy lawyer Carolina discuss Gattaca, everyone’s favorite movie about genetic discrimination! Join us as we explain how GINA is not just the name of a pretty lady, how much Ron Paul friggin’ loves this movie, ways Trump could do more to mess up American Immigration, and the general fact that neither lawyers nor ethicists have any idea what the heck we’re really talking about when we start looking too closely at people’s DNA. ​

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#3 — What Did You THINK Would Happen?!?!?! (Jurassic Park/World)

Jurassic Park Law podcast

At first you don’t succeed, build an even bigger and more dangerous theme park! If only they had lawyers around to tell the Jurassic Park and Jurassic World crew that all of this is a terrible idea. From simple negligence to BEAR LAW, from the endangered species act to the patenting of living creatures, Sarah, Meredith and guest Matt Fink discuss the myriad of tort claims raised by the Jurassic Park series.

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