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#2 — Legally, You Can Only Be So Traumatized (The Truman Show)

The Truman Show podcast

The pop culture legal team returns to discuss the 1998 Jim Carrey drama, The Truman Show. In this movie, a man lives his entire life unaware that he is on an elaborate reality show documenting his every move. Sarah, Meredith and their special guest John question such things as “Can a corporation adopt a baby?” or “How much can Truman sue for them killing his fictional father in front of him?” The answers may surprise you!

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#1 — The Spiders Can’t Have Tasers (Minority Report)

Minority Report spiders podcast

Real bone fide lawyers Meredith, Sarah and Charlie discuss Minority Report, Steven Spielberg and Tom Cruise’s 2002 assault on the very concept of the 4th Amendment. We pose questions such as: If creepy eye-scanning spiders can come into your home, can they tase you if you don’t comply? What would Antonin Scalia think of mutant humans who can see the future? If prisoners are submerged in a lifetime of dreamless sleep, how do they exercise their habeas rights? Is the best way to avoid jurisdictional issues just to deputize the DC Metro police to arrest murderers? Hear all this and more on our very first episode!

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Ad Absurdum

Ad Absurdum podcast

Every month Ad Absurdum has a group of real bona fide lawyers look into the fictional worlds of entertainment and try to access how the law works in those tales. It’s informative and silly, much like the law itself.
New episodes will come out on the 3rd day of every month in tribute to our most useless amendment.
If you have any questions for the lawyers or have topics you want them to cover, leave a comment.
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