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About the Let’s Take Five Podcast

Let's Take Five podcast

Throughout the history of cinema, some of the greatest stars have accomplished incredible feats in their field. Let’s Take Five is a podcast to highlight them and take five of their films to show their range and accomplishments. Every Friday, Austin Lugar and Eric Martindale will review one of those films to receive a better understanding about what makes them so great.

Our current topic is Andrei Tarkovksy and his five are…

1) Ivan’s Childhood

2) Andrei Rublev

3) Solaris

4) The Mirror

5) Stalker

You can subscribe to the show on iTunes, Downcast or however you listen to podcasts. Or you can listen here every week and give your comments on the topics they talk about. We love to hear your feedback.

Let’s Take Five More Horror Films

The Shining podcast review

‘Tis the season where Austin and Eric are looking to watch and rewatch horror films. Like they did last year, they’re taking a bonus episode to highlight some of their favorites. These are fun popular films that are some of the best to watch this month, a few of which almost were on a previous Five set. Sit back, relax and ignore the pack of wolves who have been starring at you in the dark for the past five minutes.

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Andrei Tarkovsky Wrap-Up

Andrei Tarkovsky podcast

Five weeks later and it feels like we have circled the universe of cinema. We’re saying that we’re fans of Andrei Tarkovksy! The guys look back on the five they watched and tried to sum up such a visual master of a filmmaker. Also they announce their next Five which may not start this week…

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Episode #75 — Stalker

Stalker podcast review

It’s The Wizard of Oz meets Jaws in a science fiction zone created by aliens. This can only be Andrei Tarkovsky’s Stalker. Eric and Austin break down one of the greatest films that Eric has seen on this podcast as three men risk everything to go to a mysterious Room that can fulfill their greatest desire. The guys dive into what that could entail and how Tarkovksy makes the ordinary so creepy and dangerous.

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Episode #74 — The Mirror

The Mirror podcast review

Andrei Tarkovsky’s The Mirror often doesn’t feel like a film, but like a trip to the museum or a poem. It moves in its own path that sometimes feels indecipherable to Austin and Eric, but it’s also never a burden on the experience. The guys struggle to find the right words to say about this movie, but it’s definitely worth watching.

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Episode #73 — Solaris

Solaris podcast review

The one you loved died. And then they come back not exactly as they once were. Is this a ghost story or a miracle? This is the dilemma at the heart of Solaris. The guys dive into the science fiction masterpiece about what is discovered above a mysterious planet. Andrei Tarkovsky’s style blends brilliantly with this new genre as he dives into his themes of identity, connection and higher power with ground-breaking beauty.

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Episode #72 — Andrei Rublev

Andre Rublev podcast review

No more easy episodes! Last week we had Ivan’s Childhood in which we definitively stated that Ivan had a childhood. With Andrei Rublev, it’s more complicated. The guys dig into exactly why this is a man whose life should be studied and whether or not Andrei Tarkovsky believes in what he is doing.  The guys couldn’t dig into this dense and brilliant biopic alone so they are thrilled to be joined by writer/filmmaker Ed Leer who gives us fantastic insight into this journey into an artist. Also Austin not so subtly transitions to get a story about working with Terence Malick.

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Episode #71 — Ivan’s Childhood

Ivan's Childhood podcast review

Austin and Eric started their journey to Russia with the first film in their Andrei Tarkovsky Five: Ivan’s Childhood. It’s the emotional story of a young boy who finds himself as a war spy after his family was killed. And yet it’s a beautiful film. Welcome to the cinematic contradiction of Tarkovksy.

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Episode #70 — A Prairie Home Companion

A Prairie Home Companion podcast review

Bad jokes, boy we love them. Robert Altman’s real life final movie was about the fictional final episode of A Prairie Home Companion and all of the people involved with the beloved Garrison Keillor radio show. Unlike the real show, this involved an angel and a real Guy Noir walking around, but somehow that made it feel even more grounded to the guys as they took comfort in the comforting sounds of county music and puns.

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Episode #68 — Nashville

Nashville podcast review

The guys take a road trip south to Nashvile and after a weekend, they realized there is a lot more going on than they thought. Also they’re pretty sure that weird mute was Jeff Goldblum. Eric and Austin look into the 1975 classic Robert Altman film, Nashville, and learn what it means when Altman takes his naturalism to a new level.

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Episode #67 — McCabe & Mrs. Miller

McCabe & Mrs. Miller podcast review

McCabe & Mrs. Miller is always written that way to highlight that the relationship between the two titular characters is a business one. It’s like calling a production duo Lugar & Mr. Martindale. However, that bond is tested this episode as Eric is under the weather and they record the show in different rooms. Is it a metaphor for how these two survive a Robert Altman anti-western or does it end up a perfect piece of art? No middle ground.

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