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About the Let’s Take Five Podcast

Let's Take Five podcast

Throughout the history of cinema, some of the greatest stars have accomplished incredible feats in their field. Let’s Take FiveĀ is a podcast to highlight them and take five of their films to show their range and accomplishments. Every Friday, Austin Lugar and Eric Martindale will review one of those films to receive a better understanding about what makes them so great.

Our current topic is John Ford and his Five are…

1 ) Stagecoach
2 ) The Grapes of Wrath
3 ) My Darling Clementine
4 ) The Searchers
5 ) The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance

You can subscribe to the show on iTunes, Downcast or however you listen to podcasts. Or you can listen here every week and give your comments on the topics they talk about. We love to hear your feedback.

Episode #125 — The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

With a premise like this and a title like that, there’s no way the two guys could cover this movie by themselves. So they are joined by Eric’s brother Ray Martindale (The Good). Ray brings his editing background to talk about what Sergio Leone was able to accomplish in tension and tone. Eric (The Bad) dives into why these characters are so iconic and why the finished product is one of the best westerns on film. And Austin (The Ugly) says some bullshit about how maybe Angel Eyes is like Don Draper. Enjoy!

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Episode #124 — The Seventh Seal

It should be no surprise that the podcast is ending. Death has been our companion for sometime. In the Ingmar Bergman classic The Seventh Seal, Death appears in front of a knight from the Crusade, ready to take him to whatever is next. Instead the knight challenges Death to a game of chess and during that time they both see who is living through the plague. The guys discuss the power and beauty of this film and why it resonates with them so much.

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Episode #123 — 12 Angry Men

12 men enter a small room to decide the fate of a man on trial. For Let’s Take Five, two men walk into a decently sized apartment in Chicago to decide the fate of the fate of a man on trial. The guys dive into the Sidney Lumet masterpiece in how it treats mob mentality, personal prejudice and the ideal justice system. Get excited!

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Episode #122 — Rear Window

Let’s Take Five’s Final Ten

The guys return to one of their former subjects as they look into the Alfred Hitchcock masterpiece. Instead of being a creepy dude in Vertigo, Jimmy Stewart plays a creepy dude in Rear Window. After an accident, Stewart is locked up in his apartment with a broken leg and nothing to do all day but spy on his neighbors and watch their lives. The guys dive into what makes this such an effective thriller and how Hitchcock once again succeeds by not showing the gruesome bits. Also Eric breaks down the worst shot in the movie!

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Episode #121 — Casablanca

As the guys start their journey into the final 10 films of the podcast, they watch perhaps the most beloved pice of Old Hollywood. Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman are at the heart of a romance that has global consequences in Casablanca. The guys are in awe of how many quotable lines are in this, the way WWII is drawn while they are in the middle of the war, and a love triangle that is properly messy.

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Pedro Almodovar Wrap-Up

Pedro, we hardly knew you! After five films, the guys wrapped-up their look at the work of Pedro Almodovar. They look back at the legacy around the artist and their own rankings of his films. They also make a big announcement on what is next for the podcast. Get excited!

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Episode #120 — The Skin I Live In

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Let’s Take Hiatus

Quick note about taking a quick break. See you in 2019 and thank you all for listening!

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Episode #119 — Volver

For reasons unknown, Volver is the most popular film in America for Pedro Almodovar. All of them were Oscar darlings, but this brightly colored family drama was the one that got the biggest audience. Eric and Austin try to understand why as they look into the complicated story that involves secrets, a dead body and a ghost. As always, the podcast does contain spoilers and the guys will spoil everything as they recontextualize the film from the information revealed at the end. It’s almost like they….return to the beginning. (Volver means to return.)

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Episode #118 — Talk to Her

Two men talk about their woes on and off screen. In Talk to Her, it is about two men trying to understand their loneliness as they worry about two men in a coma. In Let’s Take Five, two men worry about what these characters do in Talk to Her. Austin and Eric dive into Pedro Almodovar’s Oscar winning film as they discuss the complexity of personal sacrifice, violation of women and the weirdest scene Almodovar has ever made….so far.

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