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Episode #44 — 2001: A Space Odyssey

2001: a Space Odyssey podcast review

2001: A Space Odyssey is one of the most beloved films ever made. It is endlessly referenced and analyzed. Time to add to the pile! Austin and Eric dive into the film that is unlike any of the other Kubrick films covered so far in how its presentation and ambition. The guys analyze how Kubrick approaches humanity and promise in a way that only could.

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BONUS: Senator Richard Lugar Interview

Senator Richard Lugar podcast interview

This week Austin and Eric discussed Dr. Strangelove, perhaps the movie everybody thinks about when they think of nuclear war. While Stanley Kubrick used the fear of nuclear consequences for dark comedy, it still made the guys think about the reality of the nuclear weapons in the real world. What exactly is our relationship between the US and Russia when it comes to these weapons?

So we sat down with one of the world’s leading experts on the topic. Richard Lugar is a six-term US Senator who has spent almost all of his career working on nuclear disarmament. In this interview, Austin talked with Senator Lugar and heard about the incredible stories about how he got involved in this important issue, what his trips were like to Russia and what we should be worried about looking forward. It’s truly a fantastic way to go beyond the movie.

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Episode #43 — Dr. Strangelove

Dr. Strangelove podcast review

After two movies devoid of any chuckles, the next film in our Stanley Kubrick Five is considered one of the greatest comedies of all time. Why does a movie about a nuclear doomsday hit the funny bone so well? Austin and Eric look into how Kubrick worked with his actors and how he staged such an intensely dramatic comedy. Also they announce a very special bonus episode that will come out tomorrow in relation to this film…

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Episode #42 — Paths of Glory

Paths of Glory podcast review

It may not make sense, but Austin and Eric are here to review Paths of Glory. The second film in their Stanley Kubrick Five is very different from last week’s noir caper as leadership is questioned in the heat of war. It’s senseless, cruel and also beautifully made.

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Episode #41 — The Killing

The Killing podcast review

Another day, another Five. Another Five, another dollar. Another dollar, another race. Another race, another con. That’s right, Austin and Eric are starting off their Stanley Kubrick Five with the noir film The Killing. Does this early film of the master director show the greatness that will come? Or will it be outshadowed by other elements in the film? Only way to find out is to listen to the episode.

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Pixar Wrap-Up

Pixar podcast review

Ah, this was a nice Five. We had loyal toys, super parents, lovable robots, adventurous old men and perhaps the elements that make up our very souls. And it was so colorful! Austin and Eric look back at their past five weeks with Pixar and they go through every single other film in the Pixar library they didn’t cover. So much Cars talk! Also, stay tuned for their pick for their next exciting Five.

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Episode #40 — Inside Out

Inside Out podcast review

To say that Austin and Eric have feelings about this movie is less of an attempt to be clever and more of a description of how we experience all of these films. Inside Out is an exploration into the mind of a young girl and the feelings that are working hard to give her the greatest life possible. While everybody has Joy, Sadness, Fear, Anger and Disgust within them at all times, what emotion was the leading the charge for Austin and Eric on this film? Find out here! (Just please don’t mention Bing-Bong.)

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Episode #39 — Up

Up podcast review

Oh no. It’s the beginning of Up. I know that’s where you’re supposed to start the movie, but it’s so much! Austin and Eric were able to get past it and even watched the whole film to properly review it as part of their Pixar Five. Did the emotions work for them? Was this a villain that Eric liked? Was Dug the dog great or really great? All of these answers and more!

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Episode #38 — WALL-E

WALL-E podcast review

It’s easy to take it for granted, but WALL-E is one of the craziest plots to a kid’s movie. Here to break it down is Leigh Montano from The Immortals podcast to join Austin and Eric as they look into this post-apocalyptic trash robot movie. They examine it as a science-fiction film as well as a political film as well as a beautiful comedy. It’s one of Leigh’s favorite movie but is it enough to break Eric’s curse with guests? Find out!

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Episode #37 — The Incredibles

The Incredibles Pixar podcast

Who watches the Incredibles? Austin and Eric did as they go into their second of their Pixar Five. This is the 2004 film written and directed by Brad Bird and looks into the lives of a secret superhero family. The guys discuss what makes this work differently than other superhero movies, how it works as a character based film and about how effective its action scenes are. Bring on the sequel!

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