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About The Immortals Podcast

The Immortals podcast

The Immortals is a podcast about five ancient individuals who have been cursed with immortality by the old gods and Bethany. The only way to break the curse is to complete their 1001 tasks which happen to be from the 1001 Movies / Albums / Foods / Songs / Children’s Books / TV Shows You Must Consume Before You Die books.

Every week join Pedro Aubry, Adam Lord, Austin Lugar, Leigh Montano and Sarah Staudt as they review a randomly selected set with their own unique perspective filled with humor and insight. You can see their henge ratings here and their average ratings here. They score everything on a scale from 0-5 henges. Because they’re old.

You can subscribe to the show on iTunes, Downcast or however you listen to podcasts. Or you can listen here every week and give your comments on the topics they talk about. We love to hear your feedback.

Also, let us know if you can help us find some of the missing items! You will be our heroes.

Episode #81 — Black Narcissus / Live at Leeds / Ramp / Sunny Afternoon / Milly-Molly-Mandy Stories / The Tomorrow People

Black Narcissus podcast review

The Immortals have spent their first week flying through space and tensions are already high. As they should be! They’re discussing a movie that’s filled with important modern discussions and Pedro seems to have accidentally booby-rigged the ship. But listen to their discussion of the gorgeous looking Black Narcissus, the lively Live at Leeds, the sloped ramp, the downcast Sunny Afternoon, the practical Milly-Molly-Mandy, and the dated Tomorrow People. Enjoy!

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Episode #80 — The Birds / Bat Out Of Hell / Barramundi / Essiniya / A Christmas Carol / The Singing Detective

The Birds podcast review

When this show started 79 episodes prior it was obvious that it would eventually lead to the gang building their own spaceship. Before they can see if Pedro built something that resembles Austin’s memory of the trailer of The Astronaut Farmer, it’s time to review one of their strongest sets. It’s Leigh’s delicious bonus review, their first Hitchcock film, Meat Loaf’s opus, a fish we couldn’t find, a soothing song, an immortal classic, and a musical crazy noir medical character study. Get excited! Wait, why are so many birds perched outside?

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Episode #79 — Hannah and Her Sisters / Siamese Dream / Aceto Balsamico Tradizionale / Kool Thing / The Children of the New Forest / Big Love

Hannah and Her Sisters podcast review

One week until liftoff! As the Immortals plot to go to space for some reason, it’s time to focus on the pure and simple things that Earth has to offer, like the Woody Allen and polygamy. In this episode they review Hannah and Her Sisters, the Smashing Pumpkins, a nice dressing, Sonic Youth, an old book about kids doing stuff and HBO’s Big Love. Get excited!

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Episode #78 — A Touch of Zen / Mask / Dried Abalone / Alternative Ulster / Comet in Moominland / All-American Girl

A Touch of Zen podcast review

The Immortals are back! After an unexpected week off, they’re back and they’re building a rocket. But let’s not get into the logic of that. We have beautiful kung fu films, post-punk, missing seafood, punk-punk, hippos in danger and Korean culture in more danger. Get excited! If you take enough notes, you can pretend you have seen these things at parties!

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Episode #77 — Unforgiven / Vanishing Point / San Francisco Sourdough / Devil’s Haircut / The Cay / Borgen

Unforgiven podcast review

Having found their way into the Old Gods’ library, The Immortals unpack their understanding of Unforgiven, verify the value of Vanishing Point, savor the sponge of Sourdough, dissect the dalliance of Devil’s Haircut, consider color in The Cay, and break into Belgian politics in Borgen. OK, Borgen is about Danish politics, but alliterations are hard…and so is The Immortals’ next plan to escape the Old Gods’ realm!

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Episode #76 — Blade Runner / I Do Not Want What I Haven’t Got / Fresh Green Peppercorn / Just Like Heaven / Clockwork / LOST

Blade Runner podcast review

No more time for silliness! The Immortals have some important reviews on their docket including the beloved sci-fi classic Blade Runner and the beloved sci-fi classic LOST. Also an early album by Sinead O’Connor, absent food, a poppy song by The Cure and an underread story by Philip Pullman. But the biggest question of all is…will anybody get Austin a chair?

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Episode #75 — Mrs. Miniver / Happy Trails / Pea Shoots / Don’t Gimme No Lip Child / Madlenka / McCloud

Mrs Miniver podcast review

For those of you who are new to the show, welcome! This is a review show were five immortals review things! And this is the episode where they go back in time to the 80s and be extra silly. Also they still review the Best Picture winner Mrs. Miniver, the surprising album Happy Trails, eat some pea shoots, don’t give no lip to no child, debate culture in picture books and say McCloud a lot. Enjoy! And if you’re confused, don’t worry about it!

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Episode #74 — The Firemen’s Ball / Group Sex / Telline de Camargue / Wondrous Stories / The Family from One End Street / Red Shoe Diaries

The Firemen's Ball podcast review

The Immortals have given up on their exploration of the Old Gods’ realm and resigned themselves to eternity, until an unexpected visitor upends their spot! But before that, they attend a rather droll The Firemen’s Ball, have Group Sex (not really, but who could resist the implication?), really struggle to enjoy and pronounce Telline de Camargue, savor some Wondrous Stories, talk about another rag-tag group of Britons in The Family from One End Street, and get reeeal seamy with Red Shoe Diaries.

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Episode #73 — High Noon / Can’t Buy A Thrill / Cornichon / Tears of a Clown / The Dreams of the Toad / The Gong Show

High Noon podcast review

The Immortals continue their exploration of the Old Gods’ realm, finding rooms that would be too ridiculous to believe if they didn’t ACTUALLY in REAL LIFE see them! And of course, they still find time to relay their lukewarm opinion of High Noon, their realization that maybe you Can’t Buy A Thrill, their love/hate relationship with vinegar and Cornichon, their “glass half full” attitude toward Tears of a Clown, their unwillingness to learn Spanish, and their increasing ennui with the beloved Gong Show. Next week promises to have some exciting developments in the Old Gods realm, but who knows?! We’ve been wrong before and we’ll do it again!

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Episode #72 — Children of Paradise / Bitches Brew / Hop Shoot / People Get Ready / Children’s Garden of Verses / The Waltons

Children of Paradise podcast review

The Immortals are back! You would think that being so worldly, they would have the means to get good theatre seats but they usually end up with the Children of Paradise. Which is the movie they’re reviewing this week! Also they have some of the tasty Bitches Brew, ignore the hops, get entranced by some People Get Ready, talk about Snookie more than you would expect and say goodnight to John-Boy. All in one episode! Whoo!
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