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About The Immortals Podcast

The Immortals podcast

The Immortals is a podcast about five ancient individuals who have been cursed with immortality by the old gods and Bethany. The only way to break the curse is to complete their 1001 tasks which happen to be from the 1001 Movies / AlbumsSongs  / TV Shows You Must Consume Before You Die books.

Every week join Pedro Aubry,  Austin Lugar, J.C. Pankratz and Sarah Staudt as they review a randomly selected set with their own unique perspective filled with humor and insight. You can see their henge ratings here and their average ratings here. They score everything on a scale from 0-5 henges. Because they’re old.

You can subscribe to the show on iTunes, Downcast or however you listen to podcasts. Or you can listen here every week and give your comments on the topics they talk about. We love to hear your feedback.

Also, let us know if you can help us find some of the missing items! You will be our heroes.

Episode #137 — Splendor in the Grass / Rocks / Rocky Mountain High / Anzacs

It’s been over 100 episodes since The Immortals watched a film where Natalie Wood plays a damned teenager so they’re past due! They watch Splendor in the Grass and then return to Pedro’s childhood by listening to Aerosmith. They also figure out exactly where the Rocky Mountains are as they almost focus on John Denver and then Austin complains about how long Anzacs was. IT’S GOOD STUFF AND YOU SHOULD LISTEN TO ALL OF IT.

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Episode #136 — Audition / La Revancha del Tango / Strict Machine / Duck Dynasty

Recently The Immortals talked about nice things like The Wizard of Oz. This is not like that. If you have not seen Audition, this is your last warning before we get into some of the really insane things that happen in this movie. Then they calm down with some Gotan Project and Goldfrapp before going right back into the visual torture that is Duck Dynasty. Get excited!

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Episode #135 — The Exterminating Angel / Pacific Ocean Blue / Cum on Feel the Noize / It’s Garry Shandling’s Show

Sometimes Thanksgiving dinner can feel like you’re trapped in a room, unable to escape. But at least there is turkey. With The Exterminating Angel, the upper class are physically (mentally?) unable to leave a home and quickly start going mad. They could have calmed down by listening to some Dennis Wilson but they didn’t. They could have felt motivated by listening to Slade BUT THEY DIDN’T. And if they wanted to feel even weirder about their circumstances they could have watched It’s Garry Shandling’s Show. They had so many opportunities (including cannibalism) but they just decided to complain. Sigh.

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Episode #134 — The Wizard of Oz / Caetano Veloso / I Fall to Pieces / The Prisoner

Sorry, we’re late but we were blown away from Kansas and this guy with a balloon took forever to offer us a ride. In a weird coincidence, we all reviewed The Wizard of Oz! We also listened to the Brazilian legend Caetano Veloso, we appreciated the return of Patsy Cline and then we told everyone around us that WE ARE NOT A NUMBER.

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Episode #133 — Los Olvidados / Histoire de Melody Nelson / I’d Rather Go Blind / Saturday Night Live

TAPED FROM CHICAGO IT’S THE IMMORTALS! We start the show from the poverty of Mexico City with Luis Bunuel’s Los Olvidados, move on to the grosses realms of France with Serge Gainsbourg, return to America with Etta James (and briefly Beyonce) only to end the long journey at 30 Rock with the still running Saturday Night Live. Settle in, it’s a doozy of an episode!

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Episode #132 — Doctor Zhivago / Ambient 1: Music for the Airport / (Don’t Fear) the Reaper / Quantum Leap

Doctor Zhivago podcast review

Get your coat we’re going on a train ride! That’s the tone of this movie right? The gang are following the epic tale of Doctor Zhivago through different Russian revolutions. After that tension, they calm down with the soothing sounds of Brian Eno and then all the tension returned as they argued about the title of (Don’t Fear) the Reaper. Then much like Sam, Austin leaped alone. Stay tuned to hear J.C. try to quit the show!

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Episode #131 — La Strada / Roxy Music / Hey Jude / Fantasy Island

La Strada podcast review

This is a big episode because J.C. joins The Immortals! They are in for a big episode as the gang watches another Fellini film, listen to even more glam rock, and travel to Fantasy Island. Also Pedro may actually be forced to admit that The Beatles are good after listening to Hey Jude.

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Catching Up with Pedro!

In this short casual barely-edited mostly-silly bonus episode, Sarah and Austin chat with Pedro about what he was up to during his two-week absence. They hear about his new pop culture love, hear his thoughts on the movies he missed and they review two new songs. Come back next week for our next proper episode with…..our new co-host! Get excited!

NOTE: We do spoil The Ox-Bow Incident.

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Episode #130 — Heaven and Earth Magic / Aja / Arctic Char / Rock On / The Life and Loves of a She-Devil

Heaven and Earth Magic podcast review

It’s time for a bonus review! Leigh picked the excellent show Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown to discuss it as a masterpiece of its genre. This provides excellent counterbalance to the experimental movie they covered, Heaven and Earth Magic. They also listened to the smooth sounds of Steely Dan and David Essex to distract themselves from the Life and Loves of a She-Devil. Also there’s a big announcement! Get excited!

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Episode #129 — The Ox-Bow Incident / Kick Out the Jams / Frisee / The Mary Tyler Moore Show

Ox-Bow Incident podcast review

Sarah loves westerns! And The Ox-Bow Incident is definitely a western. It follows Henry Fonda and his familiar faced friend as they take on a moral problem. They also listen to DNC’s own MC5, ignore some frisee and take in the delights of The Mary Tyler Moore Show. Also, did Austin and Sarah actually finish Parenthood?!? Don’t look at the timestamp if you want to be surprised!

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