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Episode #71 — Young Frankenstein / I Against I / Andouillle de Vire / Black Metal / Doraemon / Walking with Dinosaurs

Young Frankenstein podcast review

The Immortals return and they don’t notice the connection between them losing their sanity as they venture the creepy settings of the old gods realm and their review of Young Frankenstein. They also review a punk album that really should have made their own cover of Puttin’ on the Ritz, Adam betrays the gods of vegetarianism by eating a sausage, Austin does his best metal impression and then Sarah tries to define what the hell Walking the Dinosaurs is. Also no matter when you listen to this episode, we swear Gene Hackman was alive when we recorded this. Enjoy!

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Episode #70 — Alien / L’Eau Rogue / Boldo Leaf / Life in a Northern Town / Gargling with Jelly / Dae Jang Geum

Alien podcast review

Another ten episodes down, 931 to go! This week the Immortals continue to try to find Bethany in the Old God’s dimension and watch Sarah’s pick for The List: A Few Good Men. Then, they touch on super-beings in their review of Alien. They find that Young Gods are waaay better than Old Gods, and Life In A Northern Town isn’t so bad. Gargling with Jelly is literally and figuratively explored, and finally, Austin once again delivers a tour de force monologue when he discusses yet another obscure TV show that no one else watched,

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Episode #69 — On the Waterfront / Paul Simon / Saikyo Miso / Cyprus Avenue / Mog the Forgetful Cat / Jesus of Nazareth

On the Waterfront podcast review

It’s episode 69 (NICE) and the Immortals are still trapped in the old gods other realm. As they explore their surroundings, they make time to review On the Waterfront! It’s about a nice guy surrounded by shady figures. It’s what Adam feels all the time on this show. Also Leigh gets mad at Paul Simon again, Sarah makes a soup, Pedro gets things thrown at him, everyone overanalyzes Mog and Austin talks about the flaws of Jesus. We are such an accessible show!!!

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Episode #68 — Being John Malkovich / Bright Flight / Gulac / Slob / Listen to My Heart / Call the Midwife

Being John Malkovich podcast review

Even though the portal that formed in the sword wound in Adam’s chest that they went through last week closed behind them and they’ve been trapped in a room without food in another dimension with no clue how to get out, The Immortals still have INTERNET! The movie this week is Being John Malkovich, which proves to be only a slightly weirder scenario than the one the Immortals currently find themselves in. Leigh hates another album that Austin and Adam like, while they all mourn the fact that they’ll never again talk about Weezer after this episode. The food and children’s book were unobtainable and unreadable, and Austin once again finds himself underwhelmed by a beloved British TV show. Will the Immortals ever escape this dimension? Will they ever do a normal show with no weird stuff? Will Malkovich Malkovich Malkovich Malkovich Malkovich Malkovich? Probably not!

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Episode #67 — Vagabond / Dirt / Sesame Oil / Birdhouse in Your Soul / The Graveyard Book / America’s Got Talent

Vagabond podcast review

I feel there’s something different about this episode. The audio sounds a bit different. Anywho, The Immortals celebrate International Women’s Day one day late with a look at Vagabond, a female centric character study from a French female director! Then they go right into a band ​where a woman is imprisoned. Then it’s time for some oil, night lights, keepers of graveyards and a very confusing talent show. Enjoy! Oh and some more weird stuff happens with the interdimensional intern.

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Episode #66 — In the Heat of the Night / Killing Joke / Stone Crab / Passenger / The Adventures of the Wishing Chair / Absolutely Fabulous

In the Heat of the Night podcast review

The super caucasian Immortals talk about race! AGAIN! This week’s film selection is another Academy Award winner: In the Heat of the Night. Then, the least they can hope for is an accidental Batman fan following when they shit on the album Killing Joke by the band Killing Joke. Stone Crab gives Sarah the stone cold shoulder. They take a blissful ride with Iggy Pop’s Passenger. They take a truly deplorable ride in Enid Blyton’s The Adventures of the Wishing Chair. And Leigh and Austin have a generally good time with the TV show Absolutely Fabulous. This is another one edited by Adam, so you know it’s fucking CHOOOOOOOICCCCCCCE.

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Episode #65 — The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie / Ocean Rain / Kangaroo / Wardance / James and the Giant Peach / Un gars, une fille

Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie podcast review

Things get surreal when the Immortals weigh in on terrorists selling toy dogs, restaurant-based funerals, and long walks on country roads as part of their The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie analysis. Also, Echo and the Bunnymen return from…wherever Bunnymen come from, The Immortals learn that there’s not much Sarah wouldn’t eat including kangaroo and cat. Pedro eventually says “Wardance by Killing Joke” correctly on the first try, while Adam and Austin give lip service and more to Roald Dahl. Frankly, Austin totally blows it in the TV section, but it’s totally salvaged by whoever edited the episode (it was Adam).

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Episode #64 — The Gold Rush / Back at the Chicken Shack / Jamun / (Get Your Kicks on) Route 66 / We’re Going on a Bear Hunt / The Phil Silvers Show

The Gold Rush podcast review

Quiet! The Immortals are back and they’re trying to be as silent as they can. They’re up in Alaska during The Gold Rush and they don’t want there to be an avalanche. Along the way, they also went back to the chicken shack to find some jamun, which was a weird choice. Then Pedro said we have to get our kicks on Route 66, which is not at all how you get to Alaska. It wasn’t until Adam suggested going on a bear hunt did we get close to our destination. The whole thing was almost as farcical as The Phil Silvers Show. Anywho, they review stuff this week!

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Episode #63 — Breakfast at Tiffany’s / Oxygene / Gull Egg / Always on My Mind / The Day the Babies Crawled Away / Edge of Darkness

Breakfast at Tiffanys podcast review

The Immortals are back! And Pedro recommended a really weird place to get some Breakfast. At Tiffany’s. While we wait to get some goddamn waffles at this jewelry store, Leigh put on some weird techno video game music, Sarah had us starve, Pedro won’t give any credit to our salesman/waiter(?) Elvis, Adam is zoning out just watching unattended babies while Austin is on the literal edge of darkness. Why won’t they even give us a menu?

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Episode #62 — Andrei Rublev / Wild Gift / Sea Cucumber / One Nation Under a Groove / The Bears’ Invasion of Sicily / Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

Andrei Rublev podcast review

The Immortals are back and they’re going to the 51st State of America: Russia! They’re off to see the great painter Andrei Rublev, while they review a long movie about him. Also they’re going to listen to some good ole punk, eat something Austin calls “JELLO for grown-ups”, debate whether Funkadelic is funk, debate whether a reader’s guide is a reader’s guide and then decide to leave Russia and go right into a wormhole where it’s safer. Get excited!

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