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Episode #112 — A Question of Silence / Peggy Suicide / Allspice / Freak Scene / Strictly Come Dancing

A Question of Silence podcast review

In the age of Me Too and Time’s Up, it is rewarding to discover a movie that has been seen as a feminist classic especially when it’s one that is so rewardingly angry. The Immortals watch for the first time A Question of Silence, a Dutch film about three women arrested for beating a man to death but nobody knows why. In addition, Leigh catches us up with her thoughts on Ben-Hur and Tom Waits, they also dive into the mixed reaction to Peggy Suicide, Dinosaur Jr. and one of the most popular shows of the UK: Strictly Come Dancing. Get excited!

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Episode #111 — Ben-Hur / Nighthawks at the Diner / Arzua-Ulloa / Vincent / Blackadder

Ben-Hur podcast review

Get your swords and sandals for it’s Ben-Hur week for The Immortals! Austin, Sarah and Pedro (sans Leigh) follow Charlton Heston from boat to chariot as they review this four-hour Best Picture winner. They also review the Vincent van Gogh inspired song and the time-sprawling comedy Blackadder.

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Episode #110 — Aileen Wuornos: The Life and Death of a Serial Killer / De-loused in the Comatorium / Montelimar Nougat / Dry Your Eyes / The Wrong Mans

Aileen Wuornos podcast review

It’s time for Sarah’s bonus review which gives us a double dosing of complicated women in documentaries. On one hand we have Aileen Wuornos, America’s first female serial killer, as the subject about how we treat capital punishment. And we have Grey Gardens, the cult favorite about two fascinating women living in a sad isolation. If that sounds like a lot, we also have weird prog rock, a terrible pop song and a sitcom of James Corden before he became a late night TV host. Also be sure to stay tuned until the end…

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Episode #109 — From Here to Eternity / Talking Book / Natto / Ain’t Got No; I Got Life / The Richard Pryor Show

From Here to Eternity podcast review

What episode are we on? 109? How many do we have to go? Eternity. That’s just like the movie we cover today From Here to Eternity, the Best Picture winner about the melodramatic lives of soldiers on the verge of Pearl Harbor. Also they listen to the amazing sounds of Stevie Wonder and Nina Simone. (Did Pedro watch the Nina Simone documentary?!?) Also they discuss the incredibly short lived and fascinating Richard Pryor Show. GET EXCITED!

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Episode #108 — Kind Hearts and Coronets / Imagine / Taro / You Keep Me Hanging On / The Rockford Files

Kind Hearts and Coronets podcast review

You know when someone is a legend of pop culture and to question them is almost to question all of music? Well The Immortals shit on John Lennon and his classic album Imagine. Before they do that, they review the dark comedy of murdering Alec Guinness in Kind Hearts and Coronets, then they have some bubble tea, learn nothing about The Supremes and kick back with The Rockford Files. Also that riddle is solved!

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Episode #107 — The Seventh Seal / Queen II / Tomme de Savoie / Maybe I’m Amazed / Only Fools and Horses

The Seventh Seal podcast review

The last time we saw Ingmar “Chuckles” Bergman, it was Cries and Whispers and Austin called it one of the most upsetting movies ever made. What does he think of The Seventh Seal which literally has Death following good people until he can take them away? (He loves it.) It’s also time for a fantasy battle of musical proportions with Queen, the sweet/cheesy sounds of Paul McCartney and somehow the most popular British sitcom of all time. GET EXCITED. Oh and there’s a weird puzzle to hold you over while we take a week off. Solve it!

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Episode #106 — Throne of Blood / Autobahn / Tilister / The Man Who Sold the World / Brideshead Revisited

Throne of Blood podcast review

Double, double toil and trouble. Fire burn and cauldron bubble. That was the creepy repeated phrase of the witches in William Shakespeare’s Macbeth. Throne of Blood is an adaptation of the Bard’s tragic tale except instead of witches, it’s a weird dude in the forest. Also there are samurais. It’s awesome. Also we have the album Autobahn, David Bowie, and another beloved British miniseries. Beware the Scottish play!

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Episode #105 — Steamboat Bill, Jr. / Olympia 64 / Longan / How High the Moon / Canzonissima

Steamboat Bill Jr podcast review

The episode is finally out! We’re sorry for the delay but there was an insane hurricane that kept knocking down all of our buildings. Oh wait, no sorry, that was the silent film Steamboat Bill, Jr. They also listen to an older French album, a nifty song that was popularized by an Ella Fitzgerald cover and some shitty grapes! (They aren’t grapes.)

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Episode #104 — Inception / Sound of Silver / Lekvar / Flux / The 100

Inception podcast review

The greatest virus in an idea, according to Christopher Nolan’s Inception. Then enjoy as we present you a series of ideasĀ directly into your ear holes. We will make you believe his film is actually a dissection into filmmaking, we will make you want to go to an LCD Soundsystem concert, we will have you believe that lekvar is not available where we are, we will have you believe the Bloc Party music video is coherent and we may even convince you that The 100 was described properly. But the real question is…..when did you start listening to this show? Think about it. I know you’re here now, but when did you get here?

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Episode #103 — Gimme Shelter / Number of the Beast / Ptarmigan / Boys Don’t Cry / Sliders

Gimme Shelter podcast review

What are The Immortals if not the foremost experts on rocking and the follow-up action of rolling? Today they are diving into one of the most beloved rockumentaries, Gimme Shelter, covering a memorable tour by The Rolling Stones. Then they have Iron Maiden screaming to Satan, a music video so good it seems like a short film and then they end with….Sliders. Which does technically have a musician as one of the leads. (He doesn’t rock though.)

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