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Episode #179 — Persona / Tusk / Sweet Gene Vincent / The Jerry Springer Show

BERGMAN! BERGMAN! BERGMAN! That’s right, we’re the only podcast talking about Persona and The Jerry Springer Show on the same episode. They both torment the soul and make us question our identity. We also listened to Fleetwood Mac’s Tusk and Ian Dury’s Sweet Gene Vincent. Enjoy!

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Episode #178 — Strike / Java Jive / The Tonight Show

Sarah is gone this week so it’s up to Austin, J.C. and Pedro to rise up and smash the bourgeoisie in Sergei Eisenstein’s Strike! They also go deep into the current state of The Tonight Show and how it’s changed in 60 years. Also they record maybe the dumbest segment in the history of The Immortals with the song review of Java Jive by the Ink Spots. Enjoy!

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Episode #177 — Pan’s Labyrinth / Want Two / Welcome to the Jamrock / The Fall

Happy Halloween! Fear the Pale Man! The Immortals watch the beloved Guillermo del Toro new classic, Pan’s Labyrinth. They also listen to the sweet sound of Rufus Wainwright, the political messages of Damian Marley and discuss the murder-porn elements of The Fall. Get excited!

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Episode #176 — Manhunter / Three Days / Planet Earth

Before Hannibal Lecter bragged about fava beans, he was in prison and stayed in prison in the film Manhunter. The Immortals look into the Michael Mann adaptation of Thomas Harris’ Red Dragon and see how it stacks up to so many more iconic depictions. They also listen to a long Jane’s Addiction song and marvel at Planet Earth. Get excited!

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Episode #175 — Gold Diggers of 1933 / Beach Samba / I Walk the Line / Wild Kingdom

They’re in the money! The Immortals are here to review the charming musical Gold Diggers of 1933. They also chill out with Astrud Gilberto’s album Beach Samba, they watch Johnny Cash walk the line and they join their best friends Mutual of Omaha to watch Wild Kingdom. Get excited!

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Episode #174 — Little Big Man / The Dreaming / Voulez-Vous / Frontline

It’s been a whole week since The Immortals discussed a film that may not hold up. Let’s do it again! The gang discuss the Dustin Hoffman film Little Big Man. They also try to solve the weirdness of Kate Bush’s album, The Dreaming. Pedro declares his love of ABBA with Voulez-Vous. Austin watched Frontline–not that one. Get excited!

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Episode #173 — The Crying Game / Dig Me Out / Criminal / The Trip

Have you seen The Crying Game? The Immortals have and they’re officially giving you a spoiler warning for the entire segment! You’ll get why! They also listen to one of J.C.’s favorite albums, Dig Me Out, by Sleater Kinney. They also listen to Criminal by Fiona Apple and Austin joins Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon on The Trip. Get excited!

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Episode #172 — High Sierra / Abbey Road / One Fine Day / Monty Python’s Flying Circus

And now for something completely different! The Immortals review their first Bogie film with High Sierra, Pedro makes his opinions on The Beatles very clear (again) with Abbey Road, everyone has One Fine Day and then they make way for the epic Monty Python’s Flying Circus. Get excited!

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Episode #171 — King Kong / Chelsea Girl / Knoxville Girl / Dinner for One

IT’S KONG. The Immortal discuss the ethics behind the 1933 adventure film King Kong and the legacy it has left behind. They also listen to the Nico album Chelsea Girl, discuss the history of the murder ballad with Knoxville Girl by The Louvin’ Brothers and uncover the international hit Dinner for One. Get excited!

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Catch-Up Episode!

Surprise! You thought we were off this week! Nope! Austin finally got people to catch up on their missing movies. Pedro watched Bringing Up Baby from Episode 162; Sarah watched All About My Mother from Episode 166; and J.C. watched Planet of the Apes from Episode 167. They also all cover the album Melody A.M. by R√∂yksopp! Find out who is annoyed about their assignments!

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