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Episode #119 — Nights of Cabiria / I Want to See the Bright Lights Tonight / Afugea’l Pitu / In a Broken Dream / The Day of the Triffids

Nights of Cabiria podcast review

Before Fellini was known for this surreal films, he was the creator of stories that were often beautiful and sad. Nights of Cabiria is one of his finest and The Immortals are here to review this Oscar winning film. They also will listen to a full album by Richard and Linda Thompson (he was a recent review for the Song category), review some vinegar from a previous week, listen to a man named Python and fear some British plants. Get excited!

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Episode #118 — Badlands / Suzanne Vega / Sheep’s Head / O Superman / Charmed

Badlands2 podcast review

Over at Let’s Take Five the guys are diving into the films of Terrence Malick. It’s only fair that The Immortals do the same by reviewing his first film, Badlands. It is the story of two (very) young lovers who decide to flee across America after committing violent crimes. (I look forward to the episode of Ad Absurdum where they claim the murders in this film are illegal.) They also review the soothing sounds of Suzanne Vega, the stranger sounds of Laurie Anderson and the stupid sounds of Charmed. Get excited!

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Episode #117 — 2001: A Space Odyssey / Penthouse and Pavement / Bay Scallop / Milk and Alcohol / NYPD Blue

2001 podcast review

At the dawn of man, there was a monolith. Today there is a podcast. Only one of these will greatly seen humanity into the future. Better listen to see if it’s this one! The Immortals review the Stanley Kubrick classic 2001: A Space Odyssey. They also listen to some Heaven 17, eat some fish, see if they believe that Dr. Feelgood as a medical degree and dive into a classic police TV drama. Get excited!

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Episode #116 — Platoon / Fuzzy / Shanxi Extra Aged Vinegar / 1952 Vincent Black Lightning / Time Trumpet

Platoon podcast review
War is hell. War film are sometimes also hell, but a considerably lesser hell. Let’s get this straight: war = hell; war films = heck. And oh boy is Platoon one heck of a film. Oliver Stone’s semi-autobiographical tale of men in Vietnam is filled with impressive actors and maybe less than impressive direction. Also the gang listens to some Fuzzy, ignore some vinegar, find out that a motorcycle is pretty cool and watch an I Love the 90s parody from the creator of Veep. Get excited, it’s a short one this week!

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Episode #115 — A Fish Called Wanda / Ready to Die / Sheto / Didi / The Tudors

A Fish Called Wanda podcast review

There a few components to a successful heist. Trust, patience, intelligence and a disinterest in murdering defenseless animals. Unfortunately none of these things happen in A Fish Called Wanda. But does that still make that a good movie? They also listen to Notorious B.I.G.’s seminal album, ponder what Khaled is talking about and wondering if the world really needed a sexy Henry VIII TV show. Get excited!

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Episode #114 — A Brighter Summer Day / Come Find Yourself / Fregola Pasta / Insomnia / RuPaul’s Drag Race

A Brighter Summer Day podcast review

After last week’s film that takes place in Indonesia, The Immortals travel all the way to…Taiwan! They review the Edward Wang recovered masterpiece, A Brighter Summer Day, which is a unique perspective on being a teenager in a very shifting time. They also review an album by actual Fun Lovin’ Criminals, eat last week’s food of beech honeydew (with something special!), some song and one of the most discussed shows on TV: RUPAUL’S DRAG RACE. May the best woman win!

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Episode #113 — The Act of Killing / Oracular Spectacular / Beech Honeydew / Mykonos / Jane the Virgin

The Act of Killing podcast review

Decades ago, a group of Indonesian men ruthlessly killed Chinese communists. In 2012, a documentarian invited these men to create films to depict their notorious moments in The Act of Killing. In 2018, the Immortals look back in the horror of what they’ve done. Also they review the hit album by MGMT, catch up on last week’s food and watch one of the most delightful shows on TV! Enjoy the emotional whiplash.

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Episode #112 — A Question of Silence / Peggy Suicide / Allspice / Freak Scene / Strictly Come Dancing

A Question of Silence podcast review

In the age of Me Too and Time’s Up, it is rewarding to discover a movie that has been seen as a feminist classic especially when it’s one that is so rewardingly angry. The Immortals watch for the first time A Question of Silence, a Dutch film about three women arrested for beating a man to death but nobody knows why. In addition, Leigh catches us up with her thoughts on Ben-Hur and Tom Waits, they also dive into the mixed reaction to Peggy Suicide, Dinosaur Jr. and one of the most popular shows of the UK: Strictly Come Dancing. Get excited!

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Episode #111 — Ben-Hur / Nighthawks at the Diner / Arzua-Ulloa / Vincent / Blackadder

Ben-Hur podcast review

Get your swords and sandals for it’s Ben-Hur week for The Immortals! Austin, Sarah and Pedro (sans Leigh) follow Charlton Heston from boat to chariot as they review this four-hour Best Picture winner. They also review the Vincent van Gogh inspired song and the time-sprawling comedy Blackadder.

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Episode #110 — Aileen Wuornos: The Life and Death of a Serial Killer / De-loused in the Comatorium / Montelimar Nougat / Dry Your Eyes / The Wrong Mans

Aileen Wuornos podcast review

It’s time for Sarah’s bonus review which gives us a double dosing of complicated women in documentaries. On one hand we have Aileen Wuornos, America’s first female serial killer, as the subject about how we treat capital punishment. And we have Grey Gardens, the cult favorite about two fascinating women living in a sad isolation. If that sounds like a lot, we also have weird prog rock, a terrible pop song and a sitcom of James Corden before he became a late night TV host. Also be sure to stay tuned until the end…

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