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Episode #84 — The Day the Earth Stood Still / John Prine / Bella De Cerignola Olive / Suzanne / The Three Robbers / Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman

The Day the Earth Stood Still podcast review

The boys are back in town! Except this isn’t Entourage. And only 3/5th the cast are male. And they’re in a spaceship far away from town. Whatever, the gang are back to review a classic Hollywood sci-fi film, listen to the smooth sounds of John Prine (Prine or Prine?), learn some major secrets about olives, find out if Cohen can repeat his magic, debate another goddamn picture book and then Austin rambles about a wacky show you haven’t seen. IT’S WHAT WE DO AND WE DO IT WELL.

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Episode #83 — Grave of the Fireflies / The Downward Spiral / Nuoc Mam / Loser / Red Zora / Dead Set

Grave of the Fireflies podcast review

As the Immortals continue their journey through outer space, they begin this episode’s journey with a lot of child-death, and end with a lot of everybody-death! Buckle up, because Grave of the Fireflies might be the saddest movie ever, Downward Spiral the Nine-Inch-Nail-iest album ever, Nuoc Mam the fishiest sauce ever, Loser the least Beck-ian song ever, Red Zora the most-German-and-least-readable-to-English-speakers children’s book ever, and Dead Set the best reality-tv-based-zombie-thriller-with-a-female-lead-created-by-Charlie-Broker TV show ever.

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Episode #82 — All the President’s Men / Scum / Jamon Iberico / Rock of Ages / Granny / Smallville

All the President's Men podcast review

The Immortals struggle to find any sort of modern comparison to this week’s film, All the President’s Men. The album was easy because everyone in 2017 loves to listen to something that is “barely music”, or eat food that is barely getable or a listen to a song that is now randomly a cheesy movie or a read book that’s in German or watch a show that is even less liked than Man of Steel? We’re just too mainstream. Also listen to the end where Pedro invents a new improv rule called “Yes, So?”!

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Episode #61 — The Gold Rush

The Gold Rush podcast review

It’s time to go way way back and way way west as the guys start their Charlie Chaplin Five with The Gold Rush. Their introduction to the Tramp is when he is joining so many others in risking their lives in hope to find gold in them hills. The guys look into what separates The Tramp in his search for riches, the way Chaplin plays with sadness in its romance and that pesky bear.

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Episode #81 — Black Narcissus / Live at Leeds / Ramp / Sunny Afternoon / Milly-Molly-Mandy Stories / The Tomorrow People

Black Narcissus podcast review

The Immortals have spent their first week flying through space and tensions are already high. As they should be! They’re discussing a movie that’s filled with important modern discussions and Pedro seems to have accidentally booby-rigged the ship. But listen to their discussion of the gorgeous looking Black Narcissus, the lively Live at Leeds, the sloped ramp, the downcast Sunny Afternoon, the practical Milly-Molly-Mandy, and the dated Tomorrow People. Enjoy!

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Episode #80 — The Birds / Bat Out Of Hell / Barramundi / Essiniya / A Christmas Carol / The Singing Detective

The Birds podcast review

When this show started 79 episodes prior it was obvious that it would eventually lead to the gang building their own spaceship. Before they can see if Pedro built something that resembles Austin’s memory of the trailer of The Astronaut Farmer, it’s time to review one of their strongest sets. It’s Leigh’s delicious bonus review, their first Hitchcock film, Meat Loaf’s opus, a fish we couldn’t find, a soothing song, an immortal classic, and a musical crazy noir medical character study. Get excited! Wait, why are so many birds perched outside?

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Episode #79 — Hannah and Her Sisters / Siamese Dream / Aceto Balsamico Tradizionale / Kool Thing / The Children of the New Forest / Big Love

Hannah and Her Sisters podcast review

One week until liftoff! As the Immortals plot to go to space for some reason, it’s time to focus on the pure and simple things that Earth has to offer, like the Woody Allen and polygamy. In this episode they review Hannah and Her Sisters, the Smashing Pumpkins, a nice dressing, Sonic Youth, an old book about kids doing stuff and HBO’s Big Love. Get excited!

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Episode #78 — A Touch of Zen / Mask / Dried Abalone / Alternative Ulster / Comet in Moominland / All-American Girl

A Touch of Zen podcast review

The Immortals are back! After an unexpected week off, they’re back and they’re building a rocket. But let’s not get into the logic of that. We have beautiful kung fu films, post-punk, missing seafood, punk-punk, hippos in danger and Korean culture in more danger. Get excited! If you take enough notes, you can pretend you have seen these things at parties!

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Episode #77 — Unforgiven / Vanishing Point / San Francisco Sourdough / Devil’s Haircut / The Cay / Borgen

Unforgiven podcast review

Having found their way into the Old Gods’ library, The Immortals unpack their understanding of Unforgiven, verify the value of Vanishing Point, savor the sponge of Sourdough, dissect the dalliance of Devil’s Haircut, consider color in The Cay, and break into Belgian politics in Borgen. OK, Borgen is about Danish politics, but alliterations are hard…and so is The Immortals’ next plan to escape the Old Gods’ realm!

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Episode #76 — Blade Runner / I Do Not Want What I Haven’t Got / Fresh Green Peppercorn / Just Like Heaven / Clockwork / LOST

Blade Runner podcast review

No more time for silliness! The Immortals have some important reviews on their docket including the beloved sci-fi classic Blade Runner and the beloved sci-fi classic LOST. Also an early album by Sinead O’Connor, absent food, a poppy song by The Cure and an underread story by Philip Pullman. But the biggest question of all is…will anybody get Austin a chair?

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