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Episode #133 — Los Olvidados / Histoire de Melody Nelson / I’d Rather Go Blind / Saturday Night Live

TAPED FROM CHICAGO IT’S THE IMMORTALS! We start the show from the poverty of Mexico City with Luis Bunuel’s Los Olvidados, move on to the grosses realms of France with Serge Gainsbourg, return to America with Etta James (and briefly Beyonce) only to end the long journey at 30 Rock with the still running Saturday Night Live. Settle in, it’s a doozy of an episode!

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Episode #110 — BlackkKlansman

BlackkKlansman podcast review

Let’s Take Five covers their most recent film yet on the podcast. BlackkKlansman is the new Spike Lee film that was a big hit in this year’s Cannes film festival. They are joined by Chicago playwright David Guiden to discuss this political thriller where the first black police officer of a Colorado station goes undercover in the KKK. They discuss how the film depicts the police department and what the film says about the staying racism in today’s government.


Two notes: 1) As always, each episode looks at the film as a whole so there are spoilers about the end of the movie. And B) the episode has a slight digital corruption in the background of the episode that hopefully isn’t too distracting. It is not up to our usual standards, but we did not want to lose this episode with David.

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Episode #127 — Hearts of Darkness / 1977 / Kuleblaka / A irmandade da estrelas / Braquo

Hearts of Darkness podcast review

The Immortals are no strangers to madness. Look at the basic concept of this show. So it is no wonder that they found interest in the documentary about the making of Apocalypse Now, Hearts of Darkness. They also listen to some Irish pop music by Ash, some non-Scottish bagpipes by Carlos Nunez and French cops swearing in Braquo. They did not have this food this week, but they caught up on tasty barramundi. Get excited!

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Episode #109 — 25th Hour

25th Hour podcast review

Shortly after the tragedy of 9/11, Spike Lee made a movie set in the heart of NYC that was not about 9/11. But of course it was. 25th Hour tells the story of one man hours away from going to prison and he tries to have his final moments with all of his friends and family. Based off a great book by a future Game of Thrones showrunner, Lee takes us through the ringer with a brilliant cast of Edward Norton, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Rosario Dawson, Barry Pepper, Anna Paquin and Brian Cox.

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Episode #126 — The Baker’s Wife / Eli and the Thirteenth Confession / Palm Heart / Oh Carolina / Star Trek

Baker's Wife podcast review

STAR TREKKIN’ ACROSS THE UNIVERSE! BOLDLY GOING FORWARD, STILL CAN’T FIND REVERSE! Yes, The Immortals are reviewing the original series of Star Trek. Before they can get to that, they review the hard-to-find French comedy The Baker’s Wife. They also listen to Laura Nyro and the Folkes Brothers while eating some tasty palm hearts. Also Wynne tries to eat the food too! Get excited.

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Episode #69 — Short Cuts

Short Cuts podcast review

For this episode about Short Cuts, Eric and Austin were tempted to create several different perspectives of the film that all interconnected and created a feeling of dread. Instead perhaps the only way it can be clear is if they took a step back from it all. Anywho! The guys review this Robert Altman film that he made almost two decades after Nashville where he adapted an entire collection of Raymond Carver stories with so many brilliant actors.

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The Immortals — Skipped Items


Every week we try and find everything that we can so we can review them and end this annoying curse. But sometimes we have geographical or language barriers. If you wise listeners know a way that we can find a way to review them from Chicago or central Indiana, please leave a comment and let us know.

So far we’ve run into trouble with…..


Moleche from Episode 20
Paca from Episode 22
Volaille de Bresse from Episode 25
Arracacha from Episode 31
Lucuma from Episode 32
Coral Trout from Episode 39
Rapadura from Episode 42
Razor Clam from Episode 45
Zampone di Modena from Episode 50
Stinky Tofu from Episode 58
Botifarra Dolca from Episode 61
Gull Egg from Episode 63
Stone Crab from Episode 66
Gulac from Episode 68
Boldo Leaf from Episode 70
Hop Shoot from Episode 72
Telline de Camargue from Episode 74
Fresh Green Peppercorn from Episode 76
Dried Abalone from Episode 78
Barramudi from Episode 80
Saffron Milk Cap from Episode 85
Smoked Trout from Episode 86
Foie Gras de Canard from Episode 87
Smoked Snoek from Episode 88
Agbalumo from Episode 89
Jerusalem Artichoke from Episode 91
Salam Leaf from Episode 93
Rex du Poitou from Episode 94
Yuzu from Episode 95
Duku from Episode 96
Cassareep from Episode 98
Paski Sir from Episode 99
Holy Basil from Episode 102
Ptarmigan from Episode 103
Tilsiter from Episode 106
Tomme de Savoie from Episode 107
Natto from Episode 109
Arzua-Ulloa from Episode 111
Fregola Pasta from Episode 114
Sheto from Episode 115
Shanxi Extra Aged Vinegar from Episode 116
Sheep’s Head from Episode 118

TV Show

Lindenstrasse  from Episode 24 (Need English subtitles and more episodes)
Un gars, une fille from Episode 65 (Need everything!)
Bauer sucht Frau (Farmer Wants a Wife) from Episode 99 (Need everything!)
Canzonissima from Episode 105 (Need English subtitles)

Children’s Book

Stories from the Year One Thousand from Episode 37
My One-Legged Friend and Me from Episode 41
Neitah: A Girl in the Far North from Episode 59
Listen to My Heart from Episode 68
The Dreams of the Toad from Episode 73
Granny from Episode 82
Red Zora from Episode 83
The Adventures of Gian Burrasca from Episode 88
Foxie from Episode 91
Eclipse of the Crescent Moon from Episode 98
The Spirit Wind from Episode 100


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