Sunset Blvd. podcast review

Welcome to our very first episode! This week we are reviewing the 225th entries of the 1001 Movies/TV Shows/Albums/Classical Recordings/Children’s Book/Food You Must Watch/Hear/Read/Eat Before You Die. Does everyone love the classic American film, Sunset Blvd.? Does one Immortal’s hate of mushroom continue towards the Enokitake? Will Pedro leave out any plot point of this German opera? Find out this week on The Immortals!

NOTE: On the next two episodes, the Indiana participants get a better microphone and the quality is stronger.

Intro 0:00—4:00

Sunset Blvd. 3:58—21:20

Led Zeppelin IV 21:20—30:18

Enokitake 30:18—40:25

Wonder Woman 40:25 – 56:23

Harold and the Purple Crayon 56:23 – 1:05:08

Der Freischutz 1:05:08—1:23:32

Outro 1:23:32 –1:28:30






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Artwork by Ray Martindale