Klute podcast review

The Immortals return for their 10th episode and they celebrate with their first ever bonus review. What important thing does Adam think deserves to be on one of these 1001 lists? Also Pedro can’t remember anybody’s name for the whole one song he had to review, Austin thought ostrich meat would have feathers, Leigh gets angry at a song and Sarah seems to already be running low on henge facts. Get excited!

Intro 0:00 – 2:44

Adam’s Bonus Review 2:44 – 9:06

Klute 9:06 – 26:45

Hearts and Bones 26:45 – 35:30

Ostrich 35:30 – 44:05

Cars 44:05 – 53:49

A Hundred Million Francs 53:49 – 1:05:19

Dalziel and Pascoe 1:05:19 – 1:13:10

Outro 1:13:10 – 1:20:47


The Frontier, where Austin and Sarah had their Ostrich burgers

–CORRECTION: Randy Newman, not Thomas Newman scored the film Cars.

–Next week, Pedro will start complimenting everyone who gives us an iTunes review

–Our first bonus episode will come out on Monday to review two of the songs we’re catching up on.






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Artwork by Ray Martindale