The Lion King podcast review

HOLY CRAP! It’s Episode 100! It’s been two years and over 500 reviews. This shall be a very special episode for a number of reasons. (Mostly because Austin got new shoes.) Join us as The Immortals continue their voyage through space for some ridiculous reason as they review The Lion King, some more emo British music, bagels, the Spice Girls, ignore the actual book to talk about Lemony Snicket, and an underseen David Simon HBO show. Also, the bonus review is Austin’s favorite movie!

Be sure you listen to the episode to the very end. Be sure to follow us on Twitter for all updates. Thank you all for listening for the first 100 episodes. Only 901 to go!

Intro 0:00 — 7:19
BONUS: Kicking and Screaming 7:19 — 30:58
The Lion King 30:58 — 52:19
Urban Hymns 52:19 — 1:01:22
Bagel 1:01:22 — 1:11:05
Spice Up Your Life 1:11:05 — 1:26:49
The Spirit Wind 1:26:49 — 1:32:38
Treme 1:32:38 — 1:46:48
Outro 1:46:48 — 1:58:30


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Artwork by Ray Martindale

Opening tune by Adam Lord

Edited by Rook Parthum