The Seventh Seal podcast review

The last time we saw Ingmar “Chuckles” Bergman, it was Cries and Whispers and Austin called it one of the most upsetting movies ever made. What does he think of The Seventh Seal which literally has Death following good people until he can take them away? (He loves it.) It’s also time for a fantasy battle of musical proportions with Queen, the sweet/cheesy sounds of Paul McCartney and somehow the most popular British sitcom of all time. GET EXCITED. Oh and there’s a weird puzzle to hold you over while we take a week off. Solve it!


Intro 0:00 — 1:37
The Seventh Seal  1:37 — 28:38
Queen II  28:38 — 38:17
Tomme de Savoie  38:17 — 38:47
Maybe I’m Amazed  38:47 — 45:49
Only Fools and Horses  45:49 — 51:58
Outro  51:58 — 59:32


Also, help the Immortals solve this puzzle to figure out which of Captain Planet’s powers they should say in front of these henges!


Immortals podcast puzzle

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Artwork by Ray Martindale

Opening tune by Adam Lord

Edited by Rook Parthum