Ashes and Diamonds podcast review
The Immortals look for a place where everyone knows their name. Whether that is wartime Poland or a bar in Boston called Cheers. Either way, they’re going to drink. They also eat the most definitive cheese imaginable, earn their Bro statuses, uncover the mystery of a musical letter and try to figure out if “cosmic rock” is even a thing. Also Pedro gives out his first iTunes review compliment. Get excited!

Intro / Old Business, New Henges 0:00 – 6:38

Ashes and Diamonds 6:38 – 31:00

Grievous Angel 31:00 – 38:26

Gruyere 38:26 – 46:10

Famous Blue Raincoat 46:10 – 57:08

Anancy Spiderman 57:08 – 1:06:12

Cheers 1:06:12 – 1:35:04

Outro 1:35:04 – 1:43:45

Cheers podcast review

–Our next bonus episode will come out on Monday to discuss “I Am the Resurrection” and “No More Tears”.





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Artwork by Ray Martindale