Platoon podcast review
War is hell. War film are sometimes also hell, but a considerably lesser hell. Let’s get this straight: war = hell; war films = heck. And oh boy is Platoon one heck of a film. Oliver Stone’s semi-autobiographical tale of men in Vietnam is filled with impressive actors and maybe less than impressive direction. Also the gang listens to some Fuzzy, ignore some vinegar, find out that a motorcycle is pretty cool and watch an I Love the 90s parody from the creator of Veep. Get excited, it’s a short one this week!

Intro: 0:00- 2:05
Platoon: 2:05- 19:41
Fuzzy: 19:41– 24:04
Shanxi Extra Aged Vinegar:24:04-24:28
1952 Vincent Black Lightning: 24:28- 30:48
Time Trumpet: 30:48- 35:45
Outro: 35:45-42:09

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Artwork by Ray Martindale

Opening tune by Adam Lord

Edited by Sara Rust