Bigger Than Life

The Immortals return and they have never been more divisive! It’s almost as if certain Immortals took an experimental drug with Bigger Than Life and now they’re disagreeing with Austin too much. They also mix-up with some bad company, non-stinky cheese, purple depth and some German pranksters. But remember, once you start the episode you must finish it.

Intro 0:00 – 3:30

Bigger Than Life 3:30 – 21:39

Bad Company 21:39 – 29:39

Munster 29:39 – 42:45

Black Night 42:45 – 49:13

Jumanji 49:13 – 1:02:42

Verstehen Sie Spass? 1:02:42 – 1:18:08

Outro 1:18:08 – 1:24:22


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Artwork by Ray Martindale