Trip to the Moon podcast review

We’re (at) number one! We’re (at) number one! Yes our random number generator has us reviewing the very first entry in all of books. This means the short film A Trip to the Moon! A Frank Sinatra album because the 1001 Albums book starts in the 50s! Opera song that we definitely didn’t mess up! And The Ed Sullivan Show which is definitely available! This episode is about three times as long as the film we cover.

Intro 02:40-20:38

A Trip to the Moon 02:40- 20:38

In the Wee Hours of the Morning 20:38-27:13

Elderberry Flower 27:13- 27:47

O sole mio 27:47-38:18

The Ed Sullivan Show 38:18-42:36

Outro 42:36- 49:53

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Artwork by Ray Martindale

Opening tune by Adam Lord

Edited by Sara Rust