Dark Knight podcast review
The Immortals return right when it’s darkest before the dawn. They review tales of Gotham and the even grosser world of Ray Donovan’s Los Angeles. They journey far to the past to tell the tales of King Arthur and some other kid named Arthur and listen to the sorta folk sorta rock musings of Richard Hawley. Also Pedro tells the most ridiculous tale of him trying to cure his hangover and ends up poisoning himself even further. Also also, the mythology of the show is once again changed forever! In that we actually address the mythology! Get excited!

Intro 0:00 – 2:11

The Dark Knight 2:11 – 27:55

Coles Corner 27:55 – 35:48

Ganache Chocolate 35:48 – 46:17

Ain’t No Other Man 46:17 – 56:47

The Seeing Stone 56:47 – 1:08:40

Ray Donovan 1:08:40 – 1:23:25

Outro 1:23:25 – 1:27:37


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Artwork by Ray Martindale