The Bad and the Beautiful podcast review

The Immortals return for what’s definitely their worst episode as decided by Austin and not any of the other Immortals. That’s almost entirely because he messes up his verb tenses as they discuss The Bad and the Beautiful, which delves into Hollywood ambition, the redemption of Deep Purple, something that’s not dog food, a song that isn’t “Smoke on the Water”, a featherless goose and a medical examiner who sometimes examines medicine. They also learn what a whore’s dinner and how Pedro has a fragile brain.


Intro 0:00 – 3:11

The Bad and the Beautiful 3:11 – 25:22

Machine Head 25:22 – 35:49

Pantelleria Caper 35:49 – 47:07

Tin Soldier 47:07 – 56:26

Borka 56:26 – 1:07:06

Quincy, M.E. 1:07:06 – 1:15:25

Outro 1:15:25 – 1:22:39


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Artwork by Ray Martindale