Le Boucher podcast review

The Immortals return with a lot of positive reactions this week. One of the most popular sitcoms of all time, Friends, is reviewed in the same episode as a fancy duck, Van Halen, a trip down the Amazon, porn (sorta) and a movie that Austin hasn’t seen! Also, the gang decides to name each day of the week for alcohol and the new intern continues to cause a lot of problems.


Intro 0:00 – 3:44

Le Boucher 3:44 – 23:18

Pornography 23:18 – 32:53

Imperial Peking Duck 32:53 – 47:52

Runnin’ with the Devil 47:52 – 56:49

Amazon Adventure 56:49 – 1:12:15

Friends 1:12:!5 – 1:42:54

Outro 1:42:54 – 1:51:25

Friends podcast review

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Artwork by Ray Martindale