White Balloon podcast review
The Immortals are back to discuss items from Italy to Iran! How many of the Immortals will find the main girl in the movie very annoying? Is this week’s album a mess or subtly brilliant? How unqualified are Adam and Austin to discuss a classic YA LGBT book? (Answers: A bunch, yep, and oh boy.) All this and more (with better sound quality)!

Intro 0:00 – 3:14

The White Balloon 3:14 – 24:24

69 Love Songs – 24:24 – 35:00

Amaretto di Saronno – 35:00 – 40:25

Human Planet 40:25 – 51:39

Hey, Dollface 51:39 – 1:03:20

24 Preludes and Fugues – 1:03:20 – 1:17:56

Outro – 1:17:56 – 1:23:08






Join us next Thursday as we discuss more things. Until then, email or tweet us your thoughts, leave a review on iTunes and other crap every podcast asks you to do. (But we love that you do it!)

Artwork by Ray Martindale