Closely Watched TrainsThe King of Kong

The Immortals return from their never-explained one-week break! They review two films this week with Sarah’s bonus review taking us to the intense world of competitive video arcade players and our regular review takes us to the not-as-exciting-as-you-may-think world of train dispatching during World War II. They also make amends by finally reviewing the smoked fish, get déjà vu with the album, talk about all the facets of a ten-minute song and meet a magical scarecrow. Also Austin watched eight seasons of The Real World and has plenty to say about it! Get excited.

Intro 0:00 – 3:50

Old Business, New Henges 3:50 – 5:51

Closely Watched Trains 5:51 – 21:50

BONUS: The King of Kong 21:50 – 42:15

Crocodiles 42:15 – 49:08

Arbroath Smokie 49:08 – 1:02:27

Marquee Moon 1:02:27 – 1:09:27

Worzel Gummidge 1:09:27 – 1:16:15

The Real World 1:16:15 – 1:38:20

Outro 1:38:20 – 1:43:57



The Fish Guy in Chicago

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Artwork by Ray Martindale