McCabe and Mrs. Miller podcast review

The Immortals travel back to the Old West and find it’s not what they’re used to when they watch McCabe & Mrs. Miller. Thankfully they get warmed up with some Pyromania from Def Leppard, they’re told they’re special by The Pretenders, as well as revisiting some capers, find a magical nickel and talk about the crimes of Scotland. Also will The Immortal’s plan succeed to defeat their current intern? Get excited!

Intro 0:00 – 3:17

Old Business, New Henges 3:17 – 5:42

McCabe & Mrs. Miller 5:42 – 27:35

Pyromania 27:35 – 36:28

Pantelleria Caper Revisted 37:20 – 44:06

Brass in Pocket 44:06 – 50:59

Half Magic 50:59 – 1:00:07

Hamish Macbeth 1:00:07 – 1:08:00

Outro 1:08:00 – 1:18:29


Robert Carlyle’s whiskey commercial

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Artwork by Ray Martindale