Exiles movie review

The Immortals return to spend some time with Native Americans enjoying an LA evening in The Exiles. They also listen to an African political album called Zombie. They also debate whether something is elevator music or just the origin of a terribly catchy song. A discussion of a picture book reveals which of The Immortals really hated school, and discover that maybe Austin should have had more school since it seems that he knows almost nothing about birds. Finally, a check-in on this season of The Real World which may be the worst one Austin has seen! And that’s saying something!

Intro 0:00 – 4:49

The Exiles 4:49 – 23:32

Zombie 23:32 – 32:39

Goose Egg 32:39 – 40:51

Taj Mahal 40:51 – 50:02

I Hate School 50:02 – 1:01:30

TV Grab Bag 1:01:30 – 1:07:19

Outro 1:07:19 – 1:17:02

Zombie album review

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Artwork by Ray Martindale