Jurassic Park podcast review

The Immortals are back and they’ve been invited to go to a biological preserve, but will all of them believe the feather-less dinosaurs? In addition to Jurassic Park, the gang will also listen to the sweet sounds of Elliot Smith, eat Jamaican bread, listen to a Turkish hit, not read a book and revisit a lovable group of British punks. But will we actually understand what Pedro is talking about? Find out!

Intro 0:00 – 3:42
Jurassic Park 3:42 – 33:43
Either/Or 33:43 – 41:32
Bammy 41:32 – 50:13
Simarik 50:13 – 57:18
Stories From the Year One Thousand 57:18 – 58:54
This is England ’86 58:54 – 1:03:47
Outro 1:03:47 – 1:11:07


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Artwork by Ray Martindale