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Episode #41 — Clueless / Beyond Skin / Shortbread / Frontier Psychiatrist / Fresh Meat

Clueless podcast review

The Immortals are back and even more clueless than usual! Because they’re reviewing Clueless. Get it? No. Fine. Also they review a really weird album, eat little dog cookies, review an even weirder song and get way too many feelings about college. Also an intern from another dimension gives us another ominous message. We’re a review show! Get excited.

Intro 0:00 – 2:29
Clueless 2:29 – 27:16
Beyond Skin 27:16 – 35:34
Shortbread 35:34 – 42:40
Frontier Psychiatrist 42:40 – 56:25
My One-Legged Friend and Me 56:25 – 57:54
Fresh Meat 57:54 – 1:14:20
Outro 1:14:20 – 1:18:49


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Artwork by Ray Martindale

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  1. Andrew Rostan

    Confession time: I had never seen “Clueless” in its entirety straight through until now. And God, is it a wonderful movie…Silverstone and Rudd are perfect in it and perfectly adorable. There’s also a lot of things this film does right:
    1) It’s a tonally great adaptation of Jane Austen in the sense of being a comedy of manners amidst gentry or wealthier classes that is funny, romantic, and really empathetic. There are films that try to do this and fall so heavily into the “white people problems” side of things that leave me rolling my eyes. (Nancy Meyers, looking at you) but Amy Heckerling, like Austen, makes us care for these people.
    2) Heckerling leaves out my least favorite part of Austen…Austen’s villains are so often ridiculously cutting and nasty. Ditching real antagonists and focusing on the conflict within Cher herself makes the film tighter and more enjoyable. (I like stories without villains a lot, actually…Miyazaki was a master of this.)
    3) Your discussion of Cher as a unique, should-be-emulated model of the strong female character was perfect, especially in how she changes for the better while retaining her core characteristics. And I think this was helped by Heckerling in the director’s chair. There is no male gaze or overt sexualizing of Cher and her friends–who are some of the most attractive women I could imagine being in a film. Point of view!
    I also loved all the music cues and film references, especially the theme from “Gigi” when Cher descends the stairs and how they pick a scene from “Spartacus” about Laurence Olivier getting the hots for Tony Curtis.
    (“The Lizzie Bennet Diaries” is a must watch as well. I second Leigh.)

    I was really concerned you might dislike “Frontier Psychiatrist.” So happy you loved it! I will say that per Wikipedia I know that “Since I Left You,” The Avalanches’ amazing debut album, is on the albums list. You have made me very excited to hear “Beyond Skin” and as a bit of a taster I can tell you that “Since I Left You” also has a story, of a boy searching the world for the girl who got away, and “Frontier Psychiatrist” is where he is at the three-quarters mark or so. A chase like that could drive anyone crazy.

    Finally, I am going to take a bit out of “Fresh Meat” because your review made it sound amazing. And in turn you gave me an excuse to recommend to all of you the man who is becoming my favorite living writer, John Allison, whose comic book series “Giant Days” has a premise that is exactly what Sarah said at one point in your discussion: three young ladies in Britain meet on the first day of university and become inseparable friends navigating school, relationships, and maturity together. The issues on getting sick away from home for the first time, sexual politics, finding a house, and student filmmaking are especially great.
    (I should add that one of the trio, Esther de Groot, has been appearing in Allison’s universe since 2005, and right now in my reading of his total body of work (comics published in 2007), she has been drafted into a last-ditch effort to save the world from the Old Gods who want to open a portal to another dimension…an adventure she is part of because she lost her virginity on an RV-turned-boat while on a mission to deliver a broken cell phone to a guy in Wales…after she tried to stop her high school teachers from fulfilling a Satanic ritual…and now I sound like I am describing “L.A. Law.”)

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