Hoop Dreams podcast review
The Immortals are back for their fifth episode as they return to watch a very cinematically different viewpoint of Chicago in Hoop Dreams. They also listen to an album with a British naked lady on the cover, an opera in English, read a book from Hungary, watch a show from Sweden and eat Finish bread that Sarah made herself! Also there are way too many tangents about Space Jam.

Intro 0:00 – 3:45

Hoop Dreams 3:45 – 33:25

This is Hardcore 33:25 – 44:28

Paasiaisleipa 44:28 – 54:11

Arne Dahl 54:11 – 1:02:07

Who Does This Child Take After 1:02:07 – 1:10:08

The Duenna 1:10:08 – 1:23:22

Outro 1:23:22 – 1:29:28






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Artwork by Ray Martindale