The Birth of a Nation podcast reivew

On the release of a brand new Star Wars film, The Immortals curse the old gods for making them review a three-hour racist silent film, The Birth of a Nation. Will things become more awkward as they listen to early bluegrass that sings about murder and they discuss Tonto’s subject/verb difficulties? The Immortals also learn about the difference between jam and jelly and polyphony. Also they make way for some motherf’in ducklings! Get excited!

Intro: 0:00 – 5:40

The Birth of a Nation 5:40 – 36:45

Tragic Songs of Life 36:45 – 49:08

Black Currant 49:08 – 1:00:57

Ballades 1:00:57 – 1:14:10

Make Way for Ducklings 1:14:10 – 1:28:27

The Lone Ranger 1:28:27 – 1:42:28

Outro 1:42:28 – 1:47:32






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Artwork by Ray Martindale