Alien podcast review

Another ten episodes down, 931 to go! This week the Immortals continue to try to find Bethany in the Old God’s dimension and watch Sarah’s pick for The List: A Few Good Men. Then, they touch on super-beings in their review of Alien. They find that Young Gods are waaay better than Old Gods, and Life In A Northern Town isn’t so bad. Gargling with Jelly is literally and figuratively explored, and finally, Austin once again delivers a tour de force monologue when he discusses yet another obscure TV show that no one else watched,

Intro 0:00-10:25
BONUS: A Few Good Men 10:25 – 36:00
Alien 36:00 – 1:00:35
L’Eau Rouge 1:00:35 – 1:06:46
Boldo Leaf 1:06:46 – 1:07:05
Life In A Northern Town 1:07:05 – 1:12:32
Gargling With Jelly 1:12:32 – 1:19:37
Dae Jang Geum 1:19:37 – 1:24:17
Outro 1:24:17 – 1:29:01


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Artwork by Ray Martindale

Opening tune by Adam Lord

Edited by Adam Lord