Andre Rublev podcast review

No more easy episodes! Last week we had Ivan’s Childhood in which we definitively stated that Ivan had a childhood. With Andrei Rublev, it’s more complicated. The guys dig into exactly why this is a man whose life should be studied and whether or not Andrei Tarkovsky believes in what he is doing.  The guys couldn’t dig into this dense and brilliant biopic alone so they are thrilled to be joined by writer/filmmaker Ed Leer who gives us fantastic insight into this journey into an artist. Also Austin not so subtly transitions to get a story about working with Terence Malick.

Andrei Tarkovsky’s Five
1) Ivan’s Childhood
2) Andrei Rublev
3) Solaris
4) The Mirror
5) Stalker


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Join us next Friday for their review of Solaris.

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