High Noon podcast review

The Immortals continue their exploration of the Old Gods’ realm, finding rooms that would be too ridiculous to believe if they didn’t ACTUALLY in REAL LIFE see them! And of course, they still find time to relay their lukewarm opinion of High Noon, their realization that maybe you Can’t Buy A Thrill, their love/hate relationship with vinegar and Cornichon, their “glass half full” attitude toward Tears of a Clown, their unwillingness to learn Spanish, and their increasing ennui with the beloved Gong Show. Next week promises to have some exciting developments in the Old Gods realm, but who knows?! We’ve been wrong before and we’ll do it again!

Intro 0:00 – 5:57
Old Business 5:57 – 8:29
High Noon 8:29 – 24:17
Can’t Buy A Thrill 24:17 – 30:21
Cornichon 30:21 – 38:00
Tears of a Clown 38:00 – 47:03
The Dreams of the Toad – 47:03 – 47:32
The Gong Show 47:32 – 55:03
Outro 55:03 – 1:00:41


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Artwork by Ray Martindale

Opening tune by Adam Lord

Edited by Adam Lord