The Man Who Fell to Earth podcast review

The Immortals return after a week off! They discuss important topics like who is sexier: David Bowie in The Man Who Fell to Earth or Jack Bauer in 24? Adam abandons all of his morals for the sake of the podcast! They compare two non-sci-fi things to sci-fi movies! They discover who likes crazy German industrial music and which Immortals think that Immortal is crazy! All of this and more

Intro 0:00 – 3:30

The Man Who Fell to Earth 3:30 – 27:18

Opus Dei 27:18 – 36:35

Coppa Piacentina 36:35 – 45:48

Prometheus 45:48 – 53:53

Conrad: The Factory-Made Boy 53:53 – 1:02:50

24 1:02:50 – 1:32:09

Outro 1:32:09 – 1:37:55

24 podcast review





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Artwork by Ray Martindale