Grave of the Fireflies podcast review

As the Immortals continue their journey through outer space, they begin this episode’s journey with a lot of child-death, and end with a lot of everybody-death! Buckle up, because Grave of the Fireflies might be the saddest movie ever, Downward Spiral the Nine-Inch-Nail-iest album ever, Nuoc Mam the fishiest sauce ever, Loser the least Beck-ian song ever, Red Zora the most-German-and-least-readable-to-English-speakers children’s book ever, and Dead Set the best reality-tv-based-zombie-thriller-with-a-female-lead-created-by-Charlie-Broker TV show ever.

Intro 0:00 – 3:27
Old Business 3:27 – 4:32
Grave of the Fireflies 4:32 – 29:34
The Downward Spiral 29:34 – 39:46
Nuoc Mam 39:46 – 47:03
Loser 47:03 – 54:02
Red Zora 54:02 – 55:07
Dead Set 55:07 – 1:09:03
Outro 1:09:23 – 1:15:22


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Artwork by Ray Martindale

Opening tune by Adam Lord

Edited by Adam Lord