The Day the Earth Stood Still podcast review

The boys are back in town! Except this isn’t Entourage. And only 3/5th the cast are male. And they’re in a spaceship far away from town. Whatever, the gang are back to review a classic Hollywood sci-fi film, listen to the smooth sounds of John Prine (Prine or Prine?), learn some major secrets about olives, find out if Cohen can repeat his magic, debate another goddamn picture book and then Austin rambles about a wacky show you haven’t seen. IT’S WHAT WE DO AND WE DO IT WELL.

 Intro / Old Business, New Henges 0:00 — 7:45

The Day the Earth Stood Still 7:45 – 25:37

John Prine 25:37-31:46

Bella de Cerignola Olive 31:46-40:11

Suzanne 40:11-47:04

The Three Robbers 47:04 -56:53

Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman 56:53-1:04:25

Outro 1:04:25 — 1:11:16


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Artwork by Ray Martindale

Opening tune by Adam Lord

Edited by Sarah Staudt