A Streetcar Named Desire podcast review

The Immortals are back and they’re shouting at Stella! They just really miss that canceled David Wain Comedy Central sitcom. STELLA!!!!! Anywho, they also reviewed A Streetcar Named Desire. Last week, their return to Leonard Cohen didn’t match their high first reaction, how will Joni Mitchell do with Blue? Or will the group prefer a different color with Purple Haze? Will Adam fight with Captain Pugwash or his arch enemy? Finally, Norman Lear takes us to the east side with The Jeffersons. Get excited.

Intro 0:00 – 6:12
A Streetcar Named Desire 6:12 – 26:17
Blue 26:17 – 37:08
Saffron Milk Cap 37:08 – 38:45
Purple Haze 38:45 – 47:02
Captain Pugwash 47:02 – 1:02:30
The Jeffersons 1:02:30 – 1:19:20
Outro 1:19:20 – 1:25:35


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Artwork by Ray Martindale

Opening tune by Adam Lord