Return of the Jedi podcast review

While Pedro is outside the Immortals’ spaceship doing Pedro stuff, the foursome inside will talk about super popular things: Return of the Jedi, Public Enemy, Vanilla, not so much Tracy Chapman until next week, but definitely the Bad Beginning, and Robot Chicken! Listen, subscribe, and for the love of God please send a spaceship to help us if you are able.

Intro 0:00 – 4:04
Return of the Jedi 4:04 – 40:07
Apocalypse 91…The Enemy Strikes Black 40:07 – 49:03
Vanilla Bean 49:03 – 55:17
Fast Car 55:17 – 55:28
The Bad Beginning 55:28 – 1:12:44
Robot Chicken 1:12:44 – 1:19:57
Outro 1:19:57 – 1:25:11


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Join us Thursday next as we discuss more radical things. Until then, email or tweet us your thoughts, leave a review on iTunes and other crap every podcast asks you to do. (But we love that you do it!)

Artwork by Ray Martindale

Opening tune by Adam Lord