The Firemen's Ball podcast review

The Immortals have given up on their exploration of the Old Gods’ realm and resigned themselves to eternity, until an unexpected visitor upends their spot! But before that, they attend a rather droll The Firemen’s Ball, have Group Sex (not really, but who could resist the implication?), really struggle to enjoy and pronounce Telline de Camargue, savor some Wondrous Stories, talk about another rag-tag group of Britons in The Family from One End Street, and get reeeal seamy with Red Shoe Diaries.

Intro 0:00 – 4:37
The Firemen’s Ball 4:37 – 24:11
Group Sex 24:11 – 32:28
Telline de Camargue 32:28 – 32:47
Wondrous Stories 32:47 – 41:55
The Family from One End Street 41:55 – 51:23
Red Shoe Diaries 51:23 – 1:05:48
Outro 1:05:48 – 1:08:29
Intro 1:08:29 – 1:08:53


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Artwork by Ray Martindale

Opening tune by Adam Lord

Edited by Adam Lord