When the truth becomes the podcast, you publish the podcast. The Immortals bring their own truth to one of Sarah’s all time favorite westerns: The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance. They also listen to David Bowie’s unconventional album, Low, and a happy example of rock, T-Rex’s 20th Century Boy. Austin makes some bold claims about Alf. But before all that, everyone watched J.C.’s bonus pick, the cult reality show MTV’s Fear. Get excited!

Intro 0:00 — 19:17

MTV’s Fear 19:17 — 1:01:21

The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance 1:01:21 — 1:43:51

Low 1:43:51 — 1:49:29

20th Century Boy 1:49:29 — 1:56:01

Alf 1:56:01 — 2:07:20 

Outro 2:07:20 — 2:11:57

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Artwork by Ray Martindale

Opening tune and clips by Adam Lord