Aha! The Immortals are back and ready to go to war as we learn how many of them will follow Patton to the ends of the Earth. They also get annoyed by their song picks this week from Orange Juice and Sparks, which–fun fact–are the names of bands! They also break down the Alan Partridge classic sitcom Knowing Me Knowing You. But first they get all of their Game of Thrones predictions out of the way. You’ll find out who Sarah is in love with! Here’s a hint, it’s not Austin!

Intro / Game of Thrones talk 0:00 — 15:10

Patton 15:10 — 48:19

Rip It Up 48:19 — 52:01

Beat the Clock 52:01 — 58:44

Knowing Me, Knowing You 58:44 — 1:09:30

Outro 1:09:30 — 1:14:08

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Artwork by Ray Martindale

Opening tune and clips by Adam Lord