A Question of Silence podcast review

In the age of Me Too and Time’s Up, it is rewarding to discover a movie that has been seen as a feminist classic especially when it’s one that is so rewardingly angry. The Immortals watch for the first time A Question of Silence, a Dutch film about three women arrested for beating a man to death but nobody knows why. In addition, Leigh catches us up with her thoughts on Ben-Hur and Tom Waits, they also dive into the mixed reaction to Peggy Suicide, Dinosaur Jr. and one of the most popular shows of the UK: Strictly Come Dancing. Get excited!

 Intro: 0:00- 2:31
Old Business, New Henges: 2:31 – 11:49
A Question of Silence: 11:49– 26:54
Peggy Suicide: 26:54- 31:54
Allspice: 31:54- 32:02
Freak Scene: 32:02- 39:37
Strictly Come Dancing: 39:37- 48:08
Outro: 48:08- 51:41

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Artwork by Ray Martindale

Opening tune by Adam Lord

Edited by Sara Rust