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Episode #31 — Red River / McCartney / Arracacha / Deep River – Mountain High / Caps for Sale / The Magician

Red River podcast review

The Immortals are back except for the Immortal who isn’t! Sarah is still traveling the world to save Adam, so while she’s gone it’s only appropriate we talk about another epic journey with the cattle drive in Red River. They also discuss Paul McCartney’s solo album, Tina Turner’s power song, the absurdity of monkeys stealing caps and the further absurdity of a magician solving crimes. Also Pedro creates a fantastic new theory about every Bond movie. Get excited!

Intro 0:00 – 4:37

Red River 4:37 – 33:47

McCartney 33:47 – 47:52

Arracacha 47:52 – 50:13

Deep River – Mountain High 50:13 – 1:01:35

Caps for Sale 1:01:35 – 1:13:08

The Magician 1:13:08 – 1:21:44

Outro 1:21:44 – 1:32:19


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Artwork by Ray Martindale


  1. So I have decided I need to start leaving comments more. This has been growing in me since you gave “Gone With the Wind” the most generous review I have heard in a long time and were a touch unfair to “Bookends.” Not that I come to argue…the majority of the time, as with GWTW, your podcast gives a me a greater appreciation for things I love or makes me want to know more!
    I read “Caps for Sale” as a child, owned it, loved it. This episode brought a smile to my face for that.
    But let’s talk music.
    I will defend Paul McCartney to the death. I first picked up a bass because of McCartney and he is my favorite Beatle by far…with a far more interesting solo career than people credit him for. “McCartney” is a prime example. It was literally Paul setting up at his farmhouse, playing all the instruments, recording himself, simply so he could do something both different and what the Beatles wouldn’t try to do. There’s almost a Bon Iver quality to it but Paul McCartney is bright and charming while Justin Vernon mopes. Now what you need to hear…if it’s not on the list…is his second album, “Ram,” which has the same “recording it in my place” vibe but with fuller arrangements, more musicians, and some of his most imaginative and brilliant songwriting ever. I compare it to “Pet Sounds in a barn.”
    And “River Deep, Mountain High” is such an amazing, amazing record…and I was surprised that for all the much needed talk about Ike Turner, you neglected to mention that Phil Spector is now in prison for murder after years emotionally and physically abusing women himself. Bad situation all around and makes Tina even greater. (I am excited to hear you cover Spector more, though. “River Deep” ranks for me with “You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling” and the “All Things Must Pass” and “A Christmas Gift to You” albums as his crowning achievement.)

    • Shit! I didn’t even know Phil Spector was the producer! This is what I get for not doing the research for Pedro.

      Tina Turner is a force and I love her. I’m really sad that “Proud Mary” wasn’t on the list because of how amazing that song is.

      I still defend my opinion of McCartney though. “Ram” is not on the list but “Band on the Run” with Wings is so we’ll have that in the future. I will try to check out “Ram” though! Thanks for the suggestion!

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