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#10 — Spirit of Christmas, LLC (The Santa Clause)

It’s a Christmas miracle! A man fell off your roof and died! Also Ad Absurdum is BACK. Sarah and Meredith are joined by Calli, a privacy lawyer, to answer all the big questions about The Santa Clause. Is the fine print on the card similar to iTunes user agreements? Can you treat a belief of Santa like a religious allowance? Is the North Pole illegally spying on you during the year? How much of a bummer is it to deal with child custody issues in a silly Tim Allen movie? You’ll find out all of this and more!

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Artwork by Meredith

Opening music by Adam Lord

Edited by Austin Lugar

Sarah and Meredith will be back to discuss the legality of more pop culture in 2019!

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  1. Tammie

    Question: Can you revisit attorney-client privilege in a future episode? I now know that dropping a dollar in Saul Goodman’s pocket isn’t how works, but I don’t know how it does work.

    Thank you!

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