In the last episode of 2018, it’s time for all of the HOT TAKES about the 90s. Like maybe it’s all garbage? First they look at the forgotten indie film, Smoke filled with some of the decade’s best actors. Then they open their hearts to the vulnerability of Incubus. Then they learn it’ll be okay with Macy Gray. Then the Australian dramedy ruins the thread by coming out in 2011 but it’ll still get HOT TAKES. Stay tuned for the most shocking henge rating of all time….

NOTE: The crowd-sourced article mentioned at the end of the episode will be on The Art Immortal soon!

Intro 0:00 — 16:24

Smoke 16:24 — 41:36

Make Yourself 41:36 — 1:02:16

I Try 1:02:16 — 1:11:45

Winners & Losers 1:11:45 — 1:18:02

Outro 1:18:02 — 1:26:10

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Artwork by Ray Martindale

Opening tune and clips by Adam Lord