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Spike Lee Wrap-Up

Spike Lee podcast review

Another Five is in the bag! The guys look back at the five films they covered of Spike Lee’s canon and wonder why he isn’t appreciated as much. They bring up films of his they didn’t cover like When the Levees Broke, Inside Man and his Netflix show She’s Gotta Have It. Then they finish it up with their rankings and the announcement of their next Five.

NOTE: The gap between BlackkKlansman and the first film of the new Five is 79 years. The gap between Jodie Foster’s last film Contact and Charlie Chaplin’s The Gold Rush is 72 years. The more you know…

Spike Lee’s Five
1) Do the Right Thing
2) Mo’ Better Blues
3) Malcolm X
4) 25th Hour
5) BlackkKlansman


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Join us next Friday for the first film in their next Five.

Artwork by Ray Martindale

Theme Song by Adam Lord

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  1. Eddie

    This was an interesting five. I think one of the reasons Spike may not be as heralded as you think he should be is shown by the time gap between the last 2 films you picked. 16 years between 25th Hour and Klansman. I believe that may the longest gap between films you’ve picked of the directors you’ve had so far. In that long time he seemed to mostly make docs and docs don’t really get much attention(as you’ve discussed in the Morris five). His last few non doc features before klansman were crowdsourced films that barely got released theatrically. I haven’t seen them so I can’t comment on their quality, but it seems pretty clear that a new spike lee film wasn’t a big deal for many film fans for quite a while, which may be why he isn’t talked about as much. I went to film school in the 90s, and films like Clockers, He Got Game, Son of Sam were highly anticipated. I wonder if the average film student today was looking forward to Chiraq or Da Sweet Blood of Jesus.

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