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Bonus Episode

Bonus Episode Jedi

The Immortals are taking it easy this week so they’re just going to chat sorta on topic for a half hour. Sarah tells us what she thought of The Battle of Algiers. Pedro catches up with Return of the Jedi. Adam reviews The Snow Spider for the second time. And Austin wastes everyone’s time by trying to recap like twenty shows. IT’S PERFECT AUDIO. Normal episode next week.

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Episode #8 — The Man Who Fell to Earth / Opus Dei / Coppa Piacentina / Prometheus / Conrad: The Factory-Made Boy / 24

The Man Who Fell to Earth podcast review

The Immortals return after a week off! They discuss important topics like who is sexier: David Bowie in The Man Who Fell to Earth or Jack Bauer in 24? Adam abandons all of his morals for the sake of the podcast! They compare two non-sci-fi things to sci-fi movies! They discover who likes crazy German industrial music and which Immortals think that Immortal is crazy! All of this and more

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